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apropiate vidieos for secondery school

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john123456789 Tue 15-Mar-16 18:22:45

Hi all just here for a little advice my son (15) come home today and while eating dinner he talks about a movie he watch at school today in RE. The Experiment was the film along with youtube clips of people being inpaled. is this apropiate for school teachers to show him this kind of stuff or should i be contacting the head to address what is going on. i know the film is a 15 but i would not let him watch this at home.

tiggytape Wed 16-Mar-16 10:43:50

The children are 15 and the film is 15 - it has been deemed suitable for that age group.
If the children were younger than 15 then the film could still be shown but with greater caution and with parental consent.
The bff says about showing 15 films to children under 15:

"We would, however, strongly discourage such a practice unless (a) the children in question are only a year or so below the age stated on the certificate, and (b) there is a serious educational purpose to showing the recording (eg showing well-known works or educational films such as 15 rated Schindler's List to 14 year old GCSE students). Even in such cases clearly schools should seek parental consent prior to showing it. We would also recommend obtaining the approval of the Head Teacher and Governors. It is vital to make sure that any children watching are not likely to suffer any ill effects as a result of seeing the film."

So if he had been 14, it could have been shown with consent and if educational (the schools would say that it is appropriate for R.S as the Stanford Experiment is a very important one in terms of understanding some human behaviours and ethics) As DS is 15, the issues about parental consent for showing a 15 film to under 15's does not apply.

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