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Apply for 10+ or wait until 11+?

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DaffyDodo Sun 13-Mar-16 02:48:18

So my question is that DS is year 4 age 9 and has done pretty well in his exams - better than I expected. His class teacher (who is also his English teacher) has told me that she set the class a 10+ exam and he came top and as he did well in Maths and reasoning too she said he would be able to 'get into his pick of schools'.

This all sounds lovely but ds is shy and I do worry about him performing under pressure (up until the age of 6 he actually used to get so nervous that he'd forget his own name if someone new asked him and is currently having speech therapy for a stammer). We were originally planning on waiting until 11+ so that we have more time for prep (not just academic but more just helping him overcome his shyness). I'd originally thought we'd apply at 10+ to a few schools for practice so he gets used to going to schools and doing interviews but now I'm thinking that he might actually get in as it's less competitive than 11+. The issue is that our first choice of school - Alleyns (which ds's class teacher suggested as she thinks it would really suit him) - doesn't do 10+ but other great schools around here like KCS, Kingston Grammar and City of London do.

My question is - if he applies to KCS or Kingston (the two I was thinking of practicing on at 10+) and he gets in but we then decide to wait until 11+ to see if we can get into Alleyns, would he still have a chance at these other schools at 11+ or will they want nothing more to do with us?

Thanks in advance!

schoolcalendar Sun 13-Mar-16 07:36:58

Are these schools 10+ deferred entry for year 7 or do you have to start in year 6? Are you sure 10+ has an interview? (The only 10+ I know (Hampton) has deferred entry and no interview) if you have a place you would lose your deposit if you would decide to go for Alleyns.
The competition is harder at 11+, and the motivation to prepare might be less if you have a certain place.

Noitsnotteatimeyet Sun 13-Mar-16 08:23:26

Have you asked Alleyn's if they might have an occasional place for y5? One of my friends got her dd in at a non-usual entry point
Also just a note of caution, all the schools you mention are huge distances apart - please don't make your child undertake a long or difficult commute every day

TeddTess Sun 13-Mar-16 08:39:02

* I'd originally thought we'd apply at 10+ to a few schools for practice so he gets used to going to schools and doing interviews but now I'm thinking that he might actually get in as it's less competitive than 11+.*

that is not true. numbers much higher at 10+ than 11+
also the interview portion at 10+ more important than at 11 for many. KGS interview top 40 for 20 places at 10+.

Kuppenbender Sun 13-Mar-16 11:38:49

I doubt very much that declining a 10+ offer would count against you at 11+. Schools want the 'right' students and bearing grudges would be counter-productive.

Can't speak for KCS or Kingston, but we declined a 10+ offer from Hampton, then DS sat the 11+ the following year and was offered another place which we accepted. Like you, the 10+ was for a bit of practice. As there was no additional registration fee, we thought why not. Unlike you, Hampton was always our 1st choice, but they didn't necessarily know that.

I wouldn't do more than one 10+ though, if you have no intention of accepting. I don't see any additional benefit to doing multiple tests at that stage of 11+ preparation.

AnotherNewt Sun 13-Mar-16 11:44:09

"Have you asked Alleyn's if they might have an occasional place for y5?"

Alleyn's have a 9+ entry into year 5, so if that's a school you already know you like, then that's an obvious entry point to go for.

originalmavis Sun 13-Mar-16 11:50:48

Is he at state? I thought the 10+ were for state children. I may be completely wrong.

If he is a shy type maybe do tbe 19+ as a 'dry run' for the 11+. The process can be stressful for children (and parents) and if he gets a place, great! What's the worst - you make a choice and he gets a boost that he can do it! He will sit next January?

DaffyDodo Sun 13-Mar-16 12:40:59

Hi all thanks very much for this - Re whether it's deferred entry or not. KGS is deferred entry but KCS isn't.

Noitsnotteatimeyet - yes I didn't want to make my post overly complicated but we moved back to the uk from overseas a few years ago and are renting. We decided to not buy until we knew what secondary school ds was going to - he's an only child so we don't have any other kids to worry about and I work from home, so it'll just be dh whose commute will change and he doesn't mind. So we will just shift when we know where he's going smile

TedTess: I was under the impression that there are fewer applicants at 10+ than 11+? The interview is a weird one because actually ds's teachers think that he could interview very well - he is very polite, great at working with other kids and started philosophy club at school with his friends. The main issue is the stammer and that's why I want him to have some practice interviews so that he gets used to being interviewed by strangers.

OriginalMavis: I don't think 10+ is for state only as none of the schools mention that on their website and thanks for the info - my only worry was coming across as keen (which we obviously have to do if we are applying at any stage!) and then saying actually we'd like to wait another year. I will ask Alleyn's if there's any chance they accept outside of 11+. AnotherNewt, we are a bit late for 9+ now as tbh I hadn't even thought about schools until parents evening a week ago when his class teacher said he'd done so well in his exams.

Thanks all, the main thing I wanted to know was if we would be at a disadvantage if we did get offered places at a great school like KCS but declined at 10+ but then didn't get into Alleyn's at 11+. I think first step is to see if Alleyn's would consider earlier entry and then take it from there.

originalmavis Sun 13-Mar-16 13:03:10

Nothing wrong with being keen! If you have to make a decision, then the school won't think worse of you if you say 'thank you, we love the school... but we have thought very carefully and decided to delay moving him as he is very settled where he is, and with the relocation, we want to keep him where he is for another year.

Don't forget that some schools do the 13+ entry at the same time as your child will be doing the 11+, so you need to look early if you want st pauls, westminster, kings, etc

Maybe it's St Paul's that do the deferred 10+ that I'm thinking of.

AnotherNewt Sun 13-Mar-16 13:05:26

Sorry, yes I think I counted up which year when wrongly!

Alleyn's don't really take at 10+. OK, they could, and they might if they have a number of places to fill, but that doesn't really happen. They don't seem interested in putting DC into the junior school for just one year and can afford to carry an odd empty place.

You need to go and see all these schools - and perhaps some others for comparison - and see which would be a good fit for DS. Numbers at 10+ are I'm afraid increasing, as parents get The Fear about 11+ and see it as a way of getting two chances. But if his teacher is right about your DS's calibre, then you are not in a worrying position (assuming he is at a school which sends candidates to selective independent schools regularly).

TeddTess Sun 13-Mar-16 13:39:27

to answer your OP, i know KGS tell you to decline the 10+ if your acceptance will depend on scholarship or bursary as that is only available at 11+.

You can only really accept the 10+ if you intend to go there definitely as the deadline for turning down the place (and not being liable for a full term's fees) is the day before (IIRC) all the offers are sent out.

re the competitiveness, KGS had 300 applicants for 20 places at 10+
at 11+ it is 800 applicants for 100 places. Also at 10+ they only give 20 offers. at 11+ they don't only give 100 offers (!)


DaffyDodo Sun 13-Mar-16 22:06:01

Thanks all and gah on how competitive this all is! Will just see how ds goes this term and take it from there I think.

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