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CE Maths better to do Level 1 or Level 2

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thekingfisher Sat 12-Mar-16 11:43:54

My ds is about to do his CE exams in the summer. he will be going to essentially a non-selective private senior school. He has some mild learning issues predominantly processing problems which obv come to the fore in exams situations.

He is struggling to get above 30% in his Level 2 maths trial papers (just sat his second formally) but school seem hell bent on him pursuing this route. We have discussed the option of him moving down to Level 1 - where he has been getting 60%+. Ideally if he did this i'd like him to move sets to a much better teacher. However am concerned that this will set him up for lower level maths at GCSE (foundation?? not sure what its called) and that we should continue to push for him to try to get 40% + in the Level 2.

It doesn't help that he really dislikes his maths teacher who he has now had for the 3rd year running and I'm sure has buggered things up for him but thats a whole other thread...

I'd be really interested in others' thoughts on this -

toobusytothink Mon 28-Mar-16 16:57:38

Hello. CE maths teacher here. I would definitely be recommending they sit level 1. It is far more valuable for him to have a good grasp of the basic skills rather than trying to persevere with a level which seems beyond him at the moment. You must remember the CE syllabus is tough and contains many GCSE topics. He still has 3 years at next school to study these so there is no need to do so in year 8 if detrimental to the student. Not all schools accept level 1 so you do need to check with them. If I were his teacher I would be aiming for 70%+ at level 1 rather than 40% at level 2. Most secondary schools would much rather they achieved highly at a level suitable for the individual as it shows what they DO know and not what they don't. Most important however is how he feels. I would never enter a student to fail so would argue it is detrimental to his learning and confidence (a huge deal in maths I think) to continue with level 2. Hope that helps.

trinity0097 Tue 29-Mar-16 07:31:47

Just about all the kids we put through level 1 go on to do higher igcse maths, so don't see level 1 as a barrier in the future to the higher GCSE grades, but be realistic that a B might be highest that they can get if Maths isn't there thing!

GinandJag Tue 29-Mar-16 11:58:43

He should only do Level 2 if the senior school requires it, and it sounds like they don't.

thekingfisher Thu 31-Mar-16 12:16:36

So sorry not to come back to this as I thought none was interested.
Its funny the current school are hell bent on him doing level 2 and we are persevering over the holidays at the moment - however he is getting between 25-20 % in the level 2 papers sad

He has had crap maths teachers for a few years now and is totally switched off from maths when he used to love it. He is worried that level 1 will affect the future - I'd like him to do whats right for him.... its very hard
Thankyou for all your comments in my heart I agree with you but school are really fixed on this.
I might get him to do a couple of Level
1 papers over the holidays as a comparison and see where we get to....

GinandJag Thu 31-Mar-16 12:32:05

How about meeting with the Maths teacher plus Director of Studies?

You need to talk through your concerns and hear their views.

Is your DS's senior school place dependent on CE?

Michaelahpurple Mon 04-Apr-16 06:28:51

Surely the key driver is whether the next school will accept level 1. If so, there is no point at all in him thrashing away at level 2 - there are no prizes for which level you do.

Contact the next school and then put. your foot down.

And if the next school do require level 2 you need to speak to them about what will happen if his grades stay where they are now.

getoffthattabletnow Mon 04-Apr-16 11:09:59

Surely if your son will be attending a non-selective private school there is absolutely no point in doing a level 2 paper.His future school will probably go through the motions of marking the paper but not consider it terribly important.
Don't worry about his future exam results.Common entrance Maths is at a higher level than say year 7 in a independent school.I have twin boy/girls so it's interesting comparing the different systems.

Children all develop and mature at different rates especially if your son has processing issues.My year 7 also has processing issues along with a diagnosis of Dyslexia and even some level 1 papers are hard for him.I really would insist on moving your son the the level 1 group on the basis of improving his confidence.This is so crucial in Maths.

thekingfisher Tue 05-Apr-16 11:04:47

Thanks for your comments away on holiday at the moment so not online very much and still weighing up what to do. We will make appt to see director of studies and maths teacher as soon as we get back to school.

I agree the key here is his confidence - but he fear that the concept of 'moving down' will also have a negative impact on his confidence. He already makes a bit of a 'show' about how low his trial exam marks are with friends who did better - it comes across to me as trying to protect himself and make fun of it.

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