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mfl teachers revision resources help

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NewLife4Me Wed 02-Mar-16 12:32:54

Hello, my dd has asked me to get her some resources for revision for her long Easter holiday, in preparation for tests when she returns to school.

I don't want to buy books that might have been printed before the changes and not meet all the topics. Also, they would be an extra expense I could do without atm.

I would like a basic idea of what topics you will have covered in French - One term and German one term, please.
I know this may not be exactly the same as dd school, but will give me an indication of what topics to find.

In addition, she would like to continue with Italian that she did at primary age, any recommendations for free resources or apps would be very helpful.
She really doesn't get much free time but would really like something that she could just do for 10 mins a day or a one off of 30 mins per week, just to keep moving forward.

She is 12, so Y7.


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