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City of London School

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ppan Mon 29-Feb-16 20:51:43

So, there have been a few discussions about how to get into this school and about waiting for results. More perhaps than for other schools. If you have applied and - especially - if you have a DS there can you explain why.

In favour - good marks and leavers' destinations & a bit cheaper than other academic schools (though it seems less so than it was, so far as I can tell). What else?

What are the other kids like - academic only or is the school also looking for a bit of spark?

Doesn't the journey into central London limit local friendships esp for school holidays?

I have been on an open day and wondered about the new head. I heard great things from her previous school. Is that right? Does CLSB have a positive sense of direction?

Cookingwine Tue 01-Mar-16 21:16:34

DS started this year in Y7, we are very happy with the school so far, but no local friends, they meet on virtual worlds at the moment, as still a bit young to go and meet up in London... Commute is worse than anticipated and there is no green space on site. But teaching and atmosphere very good, nice bunch of boys. Our local option was nowhere as good as City and the academic scholarship, coupled with the already lower fees was simply too good to refuse, giving that we have 2 younger DCs to think about. It is a really good school but people tend to prefer either SPS or Westminster or more local options with grounds on site I think. TBH I don't know if we would have chosen it without the scholarship.

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