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Pangbourne College, Shiplake, The Oratory or Leighton Park

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Pufflemum Mon 29-Feb-16 17:57:22

I would love to hear opinions from people with boys at any of the above schools. We may be moving to the area and will have two boys to school. Both in prep school elsewhere at the moment.

One is currently in Year 6 and the other in Year 3. Both are very sporty. Eldest is fairly quiet, summer born, works hard but middle of the pack and lacks confidence in his ability. Youngest is a natural born leader, eldest in the year, captain of everything, top of maths and science but bottom of english as possibly dyslexic.

Is the eldest we are looking for in the first instance. The quandary is to move him at age 11 or wait and hope something else comes up before 13.

Any info on likelihood of Admission for this Sept also appreciated and details of the best feeder schools.

Many thanks.

DragonRojo Mon 29-Feb-16 19:02:37

I have a son in Y8 at Leighton Park. He moved from a local prep in Y7. The intake in year 7 is small so the children are kept in a separate house and they are very well looked after. Pastoral care is excellent. My understanding is that the size of the group will almost double in Y9. Feel free to PM me if you have specific questions

sofaleopard Wed 02-Mar-16 13:38:32

Why have you chosen these specific schools? There are lots of others within the same area...

Having said that, you are quite late for admission this September, so would be likely to be on a waiting list for most of these schools, even if your son passes the entrance exams with flying colours.

Might also be worth you looking at St Joseph's College or Reddam House - both are 3-18 co-ed schools so you could move both boys and they could be at the same school all the way through. St Joseph's has just won Independent School of the Year and has a great reputation for pastoral care and individual attention.

Pufflemum Thu 03-Mar-16 13:23:16

Thanks for your responses. We had always intended the eldest would join Pangbourne at 13 but have had a change of circumstance which may end up in a house move. We don't want to move twice over a few years so are considering trying for a year 1 place. It is all a bit late though!

I'll take a look at St Joseph's as I don't know that one. As for Reddam it's a beautiful place but not for us at the moment as still too small and a bit of a risk.

I think we will discount the oratory too as have always been anti religion in schools so feel uncomfortable compromising this now in a panic!

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