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Waiting list - why?

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annewilliams Mon 29-Feb-16 10:29:10

Hello All, I was wondering as my DD has been put on the waiting list for a place from G&L.
G&L is in the same group consortium with another school from which my DD passed and got offered a place. My question is: surely my DD had passed the papers from G&L too given that they shared the same exam entry with school from which she got the place offer? Why is she put on the waiting list from G&L if that would be the case? Does it mean that she did not well during her interview from G&L?...
Your comments would me much appreciated please.

FishWithABicycle Mon 29-Feb-16 10:41:43

All the children who passed will have been given an overall score and listed in order of that score with places offered to the top X on that list. Surely it is obvious that each school will have a different number of applicants and a different number of places so the same score could lead to a different list position in 2 schools.

fleurdelacourt Mon 29-Feb-16 11:28:36

each school will have a different number of applicants and your dd's result was not good enough at G&L to put in her inside the number of definite places they offer. It may be affected by her interview yes.

Surely you need to phone the school to discuss if anything is unclear? although from my experience a waiting list place is not overly hopeful for these top schools...

NWgirls Mon 29-Feb-16 12:02:43

OP, it is not helpful to think in terms of "pass" or "fail" - think "score". And no, my guess that the interview made little or no difference.

G&L is extremely popular and oversubscribed, and your DD need a high score on the test to get a straight offer.

Most consortium schools require a lower score on the same test to get an offer.

Illustration: my DD sat a single consortium test for four (4) schools two years ago - and got one offer, two WL and one rejection. It is all supply and demand. What is good enough for one may not be for another.

Your obviously very bright DD has done well, and is still in with a chance! (BTW, my DD's WL came through in the end - for a different school). See WL advice on other threads.

annewilliams Mon 29-Feb-16 15:43:18

Thank you to all your comments as above. Two points which makes me slightly confused. The school where DD got the offer is far better ranked in terms of resuts for A levels, GCSEsso
1. wouldn't this give you the heads up and probably we all underestimate the actual interviews?..
2. The school where DD got the offer had over 800 applicants. I assume that L&D had a similar number applicants also?..

What you think? I think these brief interviews really can make a big difference too.

EllenJanethickerknickers Mon 29-Feb-16 16:21:39

Sorry, I don't know the schools. If they are state schools, they are not allowed to select on the basis of an interview - much too open to abuse, such as, 'and what do your parents do?' etc. If private schools, I guess anything goes.

NWgirls Mon 29-Feb-16 16:25:50

OP: that other school must (99% certainly) be City - congratulations! I will change my tune and agree with you that it could well be that the interviews had some impact in this case. But the results of the girls who started at City/G&L 7-8 years ago will not necessarily give the same "ranking" as the popularity and degree of oversubscription of the two schools today.

On a different recent thread about these schools a poster (sorry, can't remember who) said something along the lines of this: G&L is very popular for many due to location/transport (West London) whilst City will often be a somewhat longer journey.

The IB at G&L might perhaps also have an impact - very popular with international families and may perhaps also attract some of the highest performers within the school? (Pure guess on my part). Anyway, I don't think results should be a big consideration here, as both are great.

If you prefer G&L (as it seems): Good luck with the wait! And make sure to let them know - in no uncertain terms - your preference.

AnotherNewt Mon 29-Feb-16 16:31:45

These are both private schools, Ellen so they can interview and can attach whatever weight they wish to it.

Some might use it to differentiate between borderline candidates, some may pay little attention at all.

Another confounder is number of siblings applying, because even with a loose sibling policy, it's pretty likely that all siblings who pass well enough will be offered places ahead of new entrants to the school.

The number and calibre of candidates may well reflect families' views of the school, rather than staring consideration of a particular year's public exam results.

Also schools mark consortium papers of those who put them first in that group. So school A may well have higher scores in its first choice candidates than school B does. Not every candidate applies for every school in that consortium, so those who want school A with back ups non-consortium schools X, Y and Z won't be considered by consortium schools B, C etc at all.

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