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unexpecteditem1 Mon 22-Feb-16 22:34:15

My DS is on the waiting list of a non-selective but oversubscribed (aren't they all??) Independent school in North London. He went to a State Primary so no real input from present Head (who is nice and supported our application, but not very interested in private education and definitely does not have a relationship with any of the Independent secondaries.)

So, I have no Prep Head to put in a nice word for my son and I think he comes rather anonymously to this process. (looking back I think this relationship between Heads of schools is what kids in State primaries lack most - especially in the case of North London where there are so few boys schools...but that's another thread...) - Should I be phoning the school? Should I be persistent or would I just piss them off? Should I hope?

Clonakiltylil Mon 22-Feb-16 22:46:01

It would piss ME off! Email would be better. When you phone you'd probably get the registrar or the person who deals with the administration details regardIng entry rather than the person who makes the decisions.
Let them know how interested you are and that he is in a state school currently and you'd be very grateful if they could let you know as soon as anything came up. Follow it up a couple of weeks later asking if there has been any movement regarding the list.

But don't pester them.

Mandzi34 Tue 23-Feb-16 06:42:14

I think a lot depends on the school and whether they've over offered in the first place. I know some schools will use their waiting list when offers are declined whereas others just have it as a safety net and in reality you stand no chance. Don't pester the school but do try and find out what the deal is.

AnotherNewt Tue 23-Feb-16 06:52:49

There's no way to tell whether the school will need to use their waiting list, nor how many they might take from it.

They will only make further offers once they have had enough people turning down places to be sure they have remaining vacancies. This usually doesn't happen until numbers settle around the time of the school's deadline for responses.

Yes, it is worth talking to the school. They expect it at this time of year. But no, you don't pester. Your aim is to be memorable in the right way, as a keen interested parent. I would mention that as you are not at a prep, you wanted to call yourself, stress how keen you are on the school, that you gave no other offers (if true) and would accept immediately (if offered).

Talking to the registrar is fine. They're (normally) the admissions supremo, not just admin person, will be involved in all decisions about whether and when to use the waiting list and be present and a full participant at the meetings when they decide who.

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