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1st March offer day - anyone else nervous?

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NynaevesSister Mon 22-Feb-16 14:23:02

I am really sure we will get one of our six. But I just don't know which one. And I am now really worried I put them down in the wrong order. Our first choice had a stabbing incident after applications closed.

sunshine1975 Mon 22-Feb-16 20:24:45

The results will come out 02 of March. I am nervous too as am waiting for the Grammar School as well. Good luck in your schools

bobinsky Mon 22-Feb-16 20:29:12

1st of March I thought?? We check online here, so maybe different from other areas.

Titsywoo Mon 22-Feb-16 20:33:43

A little - I am pretty sure that we will get our 1st choice as it is less than a mile away (we moved here a few years ago to be sure!). But it was a big birth year (not sure if that was nationally or just in our area but bulge classes were added onto all the primary schools when DD started in 2009. So catchments will be smaller this year. The league tables last month made me waver a bit because the school we picked as second choice has done much better than our first but then DD likes this school and it is smaller and friendlier so I think we picked the right one.

Good luck OP - I will be watching this thread over the next 8 days. We find out after 5pm on 1st March apparently smile

prh47bridge Mon 22-Feb-16 23:48:20

The results will come out 02 of March

National offer day is 1st March. All LAs should issue offers on that date. However, some will post offers second class on 1st March so parents will receive offers a day or two later.

meditrina Tue 23-Feb-16 10:45:56

Exactly when on 1 March varies as well.

IIRC, the boroughs in the pan-London system do it at 5pm (so that those disappointed with their offer can vent their initial frustration at home overnight, not immediately down the phone to admission staff).

NynaevesSister Tue 23-Feb-16 11:53:09

my borough just says it will email results sometime during the evening of the 1st of March.

NynaevesSister Tue 23-Feb-16 11:56:58

TitsyWoo that is my worry too. We are the second year that there were increases at primary across the board. So I am fairly sure we will get one of our top four but not absolutely sure.

It doesn't help that our two closest schools are both highly sought after and also admit via lottery so being close to them doesn't help us AT ALL. Argh.

HanYOLO Tue 23-Feb-16 12:01:03

We only get 3 choices. DS first is out of borough (selective on test only, DS got in the results bracket to be offered a place) so we should be sorted but I keep thinking that something will have gone horribly wrong.

tiggytape Tue 23-Feb-16 12:40:58

London results are available online at 5pm whether you've got the email by then or not. The emails arrive in batches throughout the evening (I assume to stop everyone logging on at dead on 5pm and crashing the system). All London boroughs are part of the same eadmissions system (as is Surrey)

TooMuchOfEverything Tue 23-Feb-16 13:29:42

I don't think we are going to get our first choice and will have to appeal.

Second choice school is 'fine' aloadof--shit and we will have to keep bigging up how it is great and a bright child will do well anywhere etc etc... but the other school is sooooooo much better for my particular child and I have no idea how to summon the energy and eloquence I need for sorting out an appeal. I really really want to just GET THE PLACE.

NynaevesSister Tue 23-Feb-16 13:38:53

Tiggytape does that include Croydon?

TooMuch HUGS. That sounds awful. Will keep fingers crossed for you.

tiggytape Tue 23-Feb-16 13:42:13

Yes it includes Croydon. It covers all 33 London boroughs plus Surrey.

miffyandsnoopy Tue 23-Feb-16 13:56:14

I went through this last year and wish you all luck with getting the place you want for your child. It is a stressful time especially if you are in tricky catchment with a mixture of good and less popular schools. For us, we get our first choice at the 2nd round of continuing interest, and we couldn't believe it! We had spent hours preparing an appeal and luckily we didn't need to used it! Tiggytape and prh47bridge were extremely helpful, giving up their own time to advise not just me so many others last March through the summer! As I can see they have both commented on this post I am sure they will be around to give invaluable advice again this year. Good luck.

NynaevesSister Tue 23-Feb-16 15:01:55

Thanks Miffy. That's good to hear! I hope we are as lucky if we don't get one of our top choices. I only put numbers 5 & 6 on there because they aren't that bad and at least have the redeeming feature that they are easy to get to. One of them has a year intake of 340. I just can't get my head around how big the school must be.

strongswans Tue 23-Feb-16 15:22:47

Ours our emailed after 5 for online applications on the 1st. I won't get mine till the 2nd, fingers crossed anyway as ours will be posted 1st class on the 1st. Bit annoyed, we had no choice but apply via post due to having to provide extra medical information! I'm half and half with nerves, we can only really consider 1 school and should get it as its under a mile away and had medical reasons to be close to. However ds isn't attending at the moment due to medical and anxiety issues so may well not need the space anyway! Good luck everyone!

LMGTFY Tue 23-Feb-16 15:29:53

Even living ridiculously close I'm still nervous something will go wrong, I keep having to remind myself I'm sure it'll be fine. fingers crossed for you all.

LovelyBath Wed 24-Feb-16 12:32:30

I checked my email and we find out at 00.00am on 1st March. (email is very precise!) Fingers crossed here, we are only about a mile away and heard most of the children get the first choice around here. It is single sex so that will cut down the numbers a bit, however it is a popular one so keeping my fingers crossed.

LovelyBath Wed 24-Feb-16 12:33:22

We are only allowed 3 choices here.

NynaevesSister Wed 24-Feb-16 13:25:46

Fingers crossed Lovelybath!

We get six choices in London because of the density I guess. There are actually more than six secondaries within three miles of me. But they are either all girl, religious or have a terrible record.

shutupandshop Wed 24-Feb-16 13:27:56

Worried here. Really don't want local school. Will have to think about private if don't get into other schools.

LovelyBath Wed 24-Feb-16 22:59:05

It must be challenging putting down six. What is the second round thing, I haven't heard of that before? Is that only in certain areas too I wonder?

SelfRaisingFlour Thu 25-Feb-16 07:08:12

I think second round just means offers from the waiting list. There can be quite a lot of movement on waiting lists in London. I know a boy who got offered his first choice in the May half-term. People hang on to a private place and a state place and then take ages to decide.

harryhausen Thu 25-Feb-16 09:10:29

March 1st here in Bristol. I'm nervous. We get 3 choices, and I put down our nearest comp as 3rd choice even though we're not keen. Really hoping for 1st or 2nd. Both are schools where hardly any of dd's friends will go which makes me even more worried - although that was her choice.

harryhausen Thu 25-Feb-16 09:11:56

Can anyone explain how the second allocation round works as we have to reply to offers quite soon after the 1st round date. If you accept an offer then that's that? Or if you decline you just go again?

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