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The Abbey School - Assesment Test Info

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abbeyaspirant123 Fri 19-Feb-16 14:59:09

My DD is in year 3 now, I am planning to get her started with The Abbey Reading school at year 5. They do take new student if places get available.. However they do have an assessment test & interview. The test covers English, Maths & verbal reasoning. Any guidance / experiences if any of you could share. How to prepare for the test? etc

LC01 Wed 20-Apr-16 14:39:40

Hello, my daughter is starting Y3 this September. She took the tests and the school advised us not to prepare for the test. Will your daughter be looking to sit the 11+ test? If it's not the 11+ and it's the year before, she'll need to take the test to get into the juniors and then have to take a separate entrance exam to join the senior school the following year. Most parents do prepare their children by having a tutor for the 11+, if however, she's at The Abbey already, they start preparing them for the exam well before the 11+. Sorry, I hope I've been of some help? Have you visited the school yet, I'm sure they can answer your questions?

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