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Lady Eleanor Holles Parents!

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Parentinfo Tue 18-Feb-20 13:19:44

Dear All, Would much appreciate recent feedback from parents of LEH. Our DD has an offer from LEH and we are very happy about it but do not know any current parents. It would be reassuring to know if the positive feedback still continues

Ybaby Sun 21-Feb-16 16:36:14

My DD is also at LEH and very happy. She also came form a state school. She loves the drama - they have a new v swish theatre, rows and sings in the choir. She has always been on the eccentric side and having heard horror stories about the school I was worried that that side of her would be squashed but that hasn't been the case at all - especially since the new head arrived.
So - vote for LEH from me - even though as HappyDads says - the fees are best not thought about too much!!

HappyDads Fri 19-Feb-16 00:41:57

If your daughter got in she'll be fine. Mine came from a state primary school to the Juniors and then onto Seniors. Another of her friends who stayed at the state school did 11+ and she also got into LEH (they were two of the top girls at the state) and she has adapted pretty easily.

Of my daughters friends, they all seem pretty bright, some obviously academic, some sporty, some quirky and one wants to be prime minister smile. Eclectic would be the wrong word, but I think the school really want to develop the girls the way the girls want to develop - so there is a broad spread of top universities when they leave rather than an Oxbridge focus. You can see this as more positive or negative depending on your views ...

Sport and music both highly appreciated but less competitive than you'd think in the first few years, more important they are involved in things. My daughter was a very strong swimmer, has now switched more to rowing which she may have found her niche, but she is also happily playing netball at a more lowly C/D team level.

And yes, we have no regrets - apart from the eye-watering fees - but that goes with the territory and I don't feel on our death beds we'll regret it, which is always a good measure.

DramaQueen38 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:47:50

another happy parent here! Loads of sports, as SWLondonGirls says, multiple netball & lacrosse teams, rowing, tennis, softball, athletics, swimming, trampolining. a rumour that tag rugby is coming ( Not sure if that is just wishful thinking by my dd.)

My dd pays an instrument at grade 2 level, so not an extraordinary standard and there is a novice orchestra for her which she enjoys, so not just for the uber musicians. ( there are plenty of those too!)

Don't forget they also need time for friendships - plenty of lovely new friends to be had when they go to senior school, so time to nurture those is important too.

SWLondonGirl Thu 18-Feb-16 14:16:08

Sorry, I posted too soon - before checking for typos!
There's also a swimming session that's open to all.
Music is also very inclusive and there really is something for everyone whatever the level. The standard at the more advanced end is absolutely superb!
Drama also plays a big part with regular impressive productions - some of which join up with the boys from Hampton.
There is so much going on at LEH and my dd really makes the most of it all! If you have a dd who wants to keep busy, then I would highly recommend the school. I am quite amazed with just how much can be done alongside a busy academic schedule!

SWLondonGirl Thu 18-Feb-16 14:02:27

Sport in the senior school in the early years is very inclusive in that anyone can attend training irrelevant of their ability. The school certainly tries to arrange as many matches for as many teams as possible (I think netball in my dd's year goes from A-F teams and they have all had matches as far as I am aware. The 6th former that showed us around on an open day said that she had come from a small state school and had considered herself "unsporty" when she arrived at LEH in year 7 as she had done so little sport in her primary school. She had then discovered rowing which she had taken to in a big way and was rowing at national level! As far as I am aware there are lots other clubs such gymnastics (for all levels), trampolining, dance, yoga,

Mrslioness Thu 18-Feb-16 07:49:04

There's certainly trampolining and they are big into gymnastics and swimming too. Also a lot of the girls who haven't shown netball or lacrosse prowess can find an interest in rowing - it doesn't get super competitive until the older years and the coaches are just great with all the younger girls. There is a slight feel that unless you are super brilliant at a sport you don't get picked for anything - my daughter is Y9 and has never represented her school at sport . She really doesn't mind though I do a bit !!

aeganblue Wed 17-Feb-16 23:04:26

Hi there I posted down below on the LEH/NHEHS thread but didn't get many replies. Mrs lioness for the not so sporty girls are there good dance options and options like trampolining? Or is it only about the competitive sport? Thanks!

gerryberry Wed 17-Feb-16 21:49:54

Thanks so much for replying - very reassuring!
Lots of other threads like this with lots of comments but surprisingly quiet on this one! LEH parents not on MM?grin
Anyone else out there???

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SWLondonGirl Wed 17-Feb-16 21:17:40

My dd loves LEH. So much going on - there's a real buzz around the place. I really couldn't be happier with the school - strong academics and loads of extra-curricular activities. Superb facilities. New Head is excellent and takes a genuine interest in the girls.

Mrslioness Wed 17-Feb-16 11:50:02

I felt the same as you before sending our daughter there - she came from state primary and was the first from our school. I have to say I have been so pleasantly surprised by LEH - the workload is totally manageable and we have never felt at all stressed by it, quite the opposite. My daughter is not at all sporty (and is not really encouraged to be at school as a result which is a shame) but she is very into music and drama which is exceptional - I have been blown away by it all. She is a real self starter and joined everything - she is busy every lunchtime with various clubs and is hugely encouraged by the staff to join ensembles etc . You do get a bit of a nudge if your daughter doesn't join anything. The head is amazing - a huge change from the previous - really wants to get to know the girls and listens to all their ideas. So far very very happy with it - I was kind of expecting to be a very stressed parent trying to prop up my daughter but thats not been the case.

gerryberry Wed 17-Feb-16 11:30:30

In same way there has been a Hampton thread re feedback from current parents, I'd love to hear same re LEH. We have offer from here and we like what we see but we would be first to go from our school as its a bit off patch and so I don't know any current or past pupils/parents.
I'd like to know how demanding it is, levels of homework, does it value sport/music/ drama as much as academia and are the girls genuinely happy and a friendly bunch, how do you find the head. General views good and bad would be so welcome!

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