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Queen's College London

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Piece0fCake Sun 14-Feb-16 21:04:01

My DD has been offered a place at Queen's College on Harley St for next academic year (Y7). She's also on the waiting list at Channing which is much closer to where we live. I personally think QC may suit her better as she has a mild learning difficulty, and may find herself at the bottom of most sets if she did actually get a place at Channing - assuming that she didn't do as well in the entrance exams as the girls who got offers in the first round. Has anyone got a DD who is there now, who can say anything about the school? I am aware that in the past it wasn't a very good school and have read several threads by Old Girls with less than complimentary tales - but I am interested to hear from people whose daughters have attended under the new head, and what they make of it. I also saw something on FB about bullying at QC - is this a big issue? My DD is quite timid and takes a little while to warm up!

Cookingwine Mon 15-Feb-16 16:55:53

I am bumping this one for you as I now have to think about DD (year 3) after having a good look at boys schools I need to research girls/co ed ones. She could be dyslexic so I assume this would rule out top tier schools? A bit early to say maybe

Piece0fCake Mon 15-Feb-16 22:33:26

Bump. There must be some current QCL parents on MN?!

OVienna Thu 18-Feb-16 14:47:23

We got a place too. I am very impressed by the head and the results have been going through the roof. Watching with interest.

Piece0fCake Fri 19-Feb-16 14:24:04

OVienna are you accepting the place? Offer just came through from Belmont as well but she won't hear of a co-ed school! I'd quite like to see if the Channing offer pans out so we have all the facts before making a decision, although DD is pressuring me to accept Queens...

KittyVonCatsington Sat 20-Feb-16 20:23:25

Not current but I am an 'Old Girl' from Queen's College...and I loved it there! Left in 1999 for university, so a fair while ago but just wanted to add a positive post grin
If your DD wants to go there, I'm sure she will love it!
I also lived near Channing (in Muswell Hill) as did a few girls and just wanted to add that my school journey was fine-bus to Highgate Station, tube to Euston then Oxford Street. Was really easy and taught me to handle the London Underground like a pro!
Good luck with your decision (Channing's a lovely school too)

Piece0fCake Sun 21-Feb-16 12:34:18

Good to know Kitty. How long did the journey take you? I have done a dummy run door-to-door with the bus, it took 45 mins....

KittyVonCatsington Thu 25-Feb-16 18:46:48

Sorry for the delay! Yes, 45 minutes sounds about right. grin

kensal1717 Sun 20-Mar-16 20:21:39

Hi, I have a daughter at Queens. It is definitely a different school than the reviews posted by old girls on here! We chose it over Francis Holland and have so far been pleased. It is pretty much up there in terms of results with the other schools and my daughter is thriving. She is a quite shy child and did struggle in Yr7 but that was to do with her not to do with the school (Yr7 can be a difficult transition) - though I have to say they were particularly unsupportive when she was struggling - I think this is a failing at lots of schools though... there needs to be more understand around mental health issue generally- but we are past that and now she is very happy and the school has been very supportive of her this year. There is a good spread of capabilities and, from what my DD says, there are girls in her year who turned down City of London Girls and Henrietta Barnett to go there. I haven't heard anything about bullying so I can't advise on that but it isn't my experience - it seems a very open school and I understand from my daughter that there is a girl in a higher year undergoing gender reassignment... can't get more open than that I wouldn't have thought! I think it is the sort of school that really suits creative, bright girls and there are some wonderful teachers. Good luck with your decision.

Piece0fCake Tue 22-Mar-16 23:31:13

Thanks Kensal, we actually went with Channing in the end. Proximity to home played a big part in the decision!

NotdeadyetBOING Fri 03-Mar-17 13:44:30

Bumping in the hope of reviving this thread! Visited recently and really liked the look of it, but slightly worried about the departure of the fabulous head. Does anyone know anything about the incoming one?

Butterymoon Thu 16-Mar-17 00:08:54

Is your daughter going to QCL NotdeadyetBOING?

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