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wavering on which school next

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SchoolChoices Sun 14-Feb-16 10:12:06

Hi there - long time lurker here - i have been buzzing around in the background of the education board for several months now.

So out of the woodwork i come - my DS has 2 sound offers from 3 schools he sat for and is on reserve list for his third school which has always been our top choice based on distance as it is practically next door to our house, is an amazing school and offers.

So we have :

School 1 - our top choice : wait list
School 2 - our plan B - firm offer and a short bus ride away
School 3 - our plan C - firm offer but further away and their nearest stop to us for school bus is a 10 min drive away and most routes are in a totally different area to us

So we are pleased to get Plan B and feel really confident as its amazing school gowing through major investmemt snd loosely linked to Plan A school which is next door so makes it in our mind a really good choice.

Plan C school we have dismissed on distance and teenage friendship circles being hard to maintain

What is niggling us is our plan A school which we are on wait for - and DSs school report which came home refently where his form teacher who is clearly frustrated with DS has cited him as possibly lazy in his scrappiness in presentation and cutting corners etc in his work - frustrating as ds is a bright boy and this wrea of his work still doesnt improve. It was a harsh report but probably fair in observation and aimed at giving ds a boot up the bum.

So - based on the above - which is reflected in thecresult of school A exam hence on wait lust IMO do we - sit out movement on plan A as its a great school next door and ds day would be so much shorter - hope he pulls his socks up and flies or

Go with plan b - who will be a more nurturing school imo - he got into easily - the independence of travel will be good for him and its still near enough for friendship groups?

bojorojo Sun 14-Feb-16 14:52:55

It really depends on how quickly the waiting list moves for school 1 - plan A and where you are on it. No 1 or No 21? Can they tell you if you have a chance? If you are 10th, say, does this position normally get in? You are assuming that people will pull out to let the waiting list in. Is this really going to happen? If the school really appeals to you, then presumably other parents will be delighted their child has a place and hold onto it. If the answers to the above questions look negative, I would secure plan B. Sometimes getting into a school and being nearer the top academically is a good thing rather than being further down the pecking order.

Cookingwine Sun 14-Feb-16 21:32:17

It woulD be easier if you would actually name the schools as people could tell you how likely the wait lists move. It is a tricky situation as you might lose your deposit to school B if a place comes in school A. It would be helpful to know more about the wait list of school A, you need to ring the registrar tomorrow And get a feel of your situation.

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