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Tiffin Boys Preparation

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Tiffinmad Sun 07-Feb-16 20:03:17

Hello lovely parents!
DS is due to sit the tiffin boys exam this autumn.
He doesn't go to a prep school so i would have to prepare him on my own.
I understand the first part is a multiple choice english and maths exam.
Could someone please recommend material i can buy of the same level to help him? What level would that be?
Would really appreciate responses from those who have been through the process and any advice would be very appreciated!

SelfRaisingFlour Sun 07-Feb-16 21:04:24

The 11+ Forum is useful for this kind of information...

Yes, the first part was two papers - one English and one Maths and both multiple choice. There is a lot to get through and speed (and right answers obviously) is very important. My son didn't finish either paper, but managed to pass the first stage by 2 marks so I guess most children didn't finish it. I believe about 1,800 sat the first tests and about 530 got invited to sit the second tests.

It was supposed to be just English and Maths, but there was some verbal reasoning type questions in the English test so you should get some VR books too. We had done some VR anyway, but I know other boys and girls who were thrown by this.

The second part was three exams - comprehension, creative writing and maths. The results of the first test are disregarded and the second test results are used for ranking.

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