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BBC Britain's Brainest School - Cardiff Sixth Form College

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sdavlistentomother Sat 06-Feb-16 18:26:02

Watched this on bbc iplayer. I've never heard of this school and it's top of the league tables ? Ahead of Westminster etc I've looked at their web site and can't believe how many they get into Oxbridge. Amazing results but they do seem to take mostly from abroad who already have 9A*s so they are selecting from the best. But still....I somehow thought that if you came from a tutor college that Oxbridge would be a bit sniffy but it seems not. Wonder why there isn't something like this in London? Private sixth form colleges here don't seem to have great results - reflective of their non-selective intake I guess.

GoMilou Sat 06-Feb-16 19:53:05

DN has a friend who went to this college. The friend is exceedingly clever but found that in every Physics/Chem/Bio lab, almost everyone else had already done that experiment and knew the results! She had to work very, very hard the first year to come up to the level of the foreign students.

sdavlistentomother Sat 06-Feb-16 21:48:28

Interesting GoMilou. How did your DN's friend do in the end? How are our children going to compete with this level of international hot housing ? All of the girls I met at the Westminster Open Evening were from Asia (and came to UK to attend the sixth form). They were all studying STEM subjects.

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