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GCSE Maths teachers (Edexcel Linked Pair pilot): please help!

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PeterTavy Fri 05-Feb-16 18:14:31

This is a bit of a long shot, but I'd be so grateful if anyone can help so here goes:

My DD will take GCSE Maths this June, but it's an unusual "Linked pair pilot" that some schools have been doing for a while. Her board is Edexcel and they take 2 Maths GCSEs (Methods and Applications) instead of the usual one. She is pretty organised but more Artsy than Mathsy and wants to start going through past paper questions (higher tier). She has already finished all her mock exams.

The problem is that these papers are the only ones which aren't freely downloadable from Edexcel's website. They are on secure download only. She has looked at the AQA and OCR pilot versions (freely available) but thinks they might be different.
Also, because this is a new pilot with extra topics to the usual GCSE, there is no textbook, specification etc. available on the Edexcel website which isn't password-protected.

I requested the past papers from her head of maths but unfortunately he seems to not want to add them all to the school shared area or e-mail them to DD. This is apparently because he has not yet decided which questions to use in class (so that he can make sure students can't have seen them? not sure why that would matter anyway- their next exams are their real GCSEs in May/June and there's no coursework) and does not wish to add them all to the school shared area or even e-mail them to DD. Of course no other subject teachers are able to withhold papers in this way nor, nor I imagine, would they want to. There is currently 1 season's papers (out of approx 10 available) on the school Maths area. I admit I find this behaviour confusing, particularly as our school is in the second to bottom quintile for progress in Maths on the OFSTED dashboard thingy!! I thought that using past papers to revise at home is supposed to be a good thing? I really don't have the energy to make a fuss at school but want to help DD.

Anyway, I would be SO SO grateful if anyone with access to these papers (teachers or exams officers I think) could help? I appreciate that there are a lot of papers, 2011-2015 Jun/Nov I think, but any, particularly more recent papers e.g. 2013/14/15 would be brilliant, or if you have any other ideas where DD could find them that would be great.


Here's the link in case it helps:

PeterTavy Sat 06-Feb-16 09:16:21

Someone kindly pointed me in the direction of this particular school's Maths resources. I'm posting the link here in case it's of use to anyone else in the same position:

It's just a shame that DD couldn't get this support from her own school, who seem to treat Maths resources as a state secret to be controlled only as they see fit, very odd.

If anyone has any of the newer papers (2014, 2015) that would be great.

Thank you so much!

PeterTavy Mon 08-Feb-16 16:02:41

Success! I now have copies of all of the old Edexcel Maths GCSE Linked Pair pilot (higher tier) papers.

If anyone else would like them please PM me.

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