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Grades in Science?

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jr2116 Wed 03-Feb-16 21:19:12

In my DS's school, they have two science teachers throughout Years 9, 10 and 11 (usually the same teachers every year) but since one of my son's Science teachers went on maternity leave earlier than expected (she was meant to leave at Christmas, instead she left in the first week of September) the class was left with random supply teachers for the remainder of the term, just copying out of textbooks really.
Now having received his report (written by his other teacher) he is 3 grades below target at the moment (A > D). This time last year he was on track to achieve an A*.

He is on the G&T register for Science, Maths and Geography. Should I be worried about his grade being so low? What could I do at the moment?

noblegiraffe Wed 03-Feb-16 22:00:41

Dropping from an A to a D is a good reason to phone the science teacher and to ask what she thinks is the issue, and how to help.

catslife Thu 04-Feb-16 08:55:17

If pupils fall 2 grades (or more) below their target grade then teachers should have a plan to help them improve. Is your ds Y11 now or Y10?
I would contact the teacher who has taught him the longest to find out more. Is the issue poor exam technique or is it something else? Was the A* a prediction or based on actual work done?

PS It is very unfortunate that one teacher left earlier than planned, but this probably indicates that there was a problem with the pregnancy. There is a shortage of Science teachers in many areas and possibly this was the only cover available.

jr2116 Thu 04-Feb-16 15:59:27

At our school they always schedule reports to come out a few weeks before parent's evening. I might speak to Mr A then.

To answer your questions catslife:
Our school uses these things called 'HTPs' given out five times a year which gives your child a behaviour score (1-4, 1 being excellent 4 being concerned) and then a grade which: based on the professional judgement of your child's teachers, is the expected grade your child is estimated to attain at the end of Year 11
That's where the predicted A* came from. On his most recent HTP he was estimated grade B (currently working at D).

His report said: I know DS understands the topic through his consistently excellent classwork, but his current exam results do not show the same level of attainment and do not reflect his true ability.

What do you think this is? Probably exam technique because he always gets behaviour score '1' every subject.

catslife Thu 04-Feb-16 17:31:29

That suggests to me that the problem is poor exam technique rather than lack of understanding. He may have written answers that don't answer the question for example.
dds school has a similar system with numbered Effort and behaviour grades as well as the target grades. The effort grades show up if they are missing homework etc.

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