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Haileybury 6th Form

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kong852 Wed 03-Feb-16 05:16:25

I'm looking for pros and cons about 6th form at Haileybury, would be very appreciative if you can share your views and experiences. thinking of this school for my DS for 6th Form. Also what are the boarding houses like and at 6th form do they share or have their own rooms?

Jeelba Wed 03-Feb-16 14:40:58

This is only from a visit when considering 13+ entry as a boarder... In the modern boarding house we visited, most Year 12s seemed to be sharing with one other, but Year 13s had their own room. The IB gives an extra dimension, and results for it and for A levels are pretty impressive. Plenty to do for all: music, drama, sport etc all impressive. A good mix of home and international students. You might not get many responses on MN for some reason, so I hope this helps a bit.

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