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SHHS or Highgate

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Ulysse75 Tue 02-Feb-16 22:47:43

Hello! Our daughter just got offers today for 7+ entry from SHHS, Highgate and Channing and we are thrilled. We didn't like Channing that much and must decide by the end of the week between SHHS and Highgate. We live in Swiss Cottage at a walkable distance from SHHS which was initially our first choice but our daughter really enjoyed the 7+ assessment process at Highgate and has friends going there. We are mainly concerned about the commute, especially since my husband and I are working full time and travelling regularly for work (and our lovely nanny does't drive). Any advice on both schools, the commute or ways to share the commute with other parents to help us in the decision process would be greatly appreciated! We also have a younger son, currently at the Phoenix school which is something to consider, although he may be going to The Hall but we will only know if he gets offered a place there after the deadline for both SHHS and Highgate.

Funandgamesandfun Wed 03-Feb-16 09:36:42

South Hampstead 100% purely for the commute, it's a no brainer unless co-ed outweighs the hassle and stress of getting to Highate twice a day

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