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Reading School / State boarding

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2512BC Tue 02-Feb-16 07:16:29

Does anyone know of Reading School: the academics, pastoral sporting life and boarding experience

I am considering this for my son who is now year 4 but only as a boarder as we live a good distance away

obviously I will be attending open days but would like to know from anyone who has experience of the school and or boarding.

Thank you

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 02-Feb-16 07:49:20

Academics very good, but it is very tough to get in around 10 applicants take the exam for each place. There are only 12 boarders in each year and the catchment is very wide for day boys so friends good live a good journey away.

2512BC Tue 02-Feb-16 18:25:06

Thanks for that lonecat.

That's good to know about catchment -

What about sports and music tuition are the boys really engaged in extra curricular sports and music?

SalmonMaki Wed 03-Feb-16 10:22:16

We are local to Reading School and have friends with (non boarding) boys there. Of course because it's super selective, it generally achieves very good results but some boys who have been heavily tutored to get in have some times struggled with the workload. That is from a teacher, otherwise I would have just ignored as urban myth.

Lots of sports on offer and from what I hear, there are frequent concerts too. But the musicians we know take music lessons outside of school, I don't know what music provision is like in school.

We don't know any boarders personally. There'll be an open day in a few months, so go along and sate your curiosity.

AbbieRuins Wed 03-Feb-16 12:48:59

I have a ds (non-boarding) there. The boarders seem to have a great life smile I've found the pastoral side to be fine - we've had no major problems, but I've been able to talk to whomever I needed to about minor issues.

Lots of sport on offer (they count chess as a sport, which tells you something about the place wink ), and PE/Games lessons are setted so even if you're not that good, it's still fun. Matches most weekends. Huge variety of sports done during lesson time (dance, fitness, lacrosse, badminton, etc, as well as the usual rugby, football, cricket, athletics) although the swimming pool has just been shut down for what could be a while - leaky Victorian pipes, I think. The PE dept have a twitter account if you're really interested!

Academically, it's clearly excellent, has come out higher than ever in the latest league table I hear.

Loads of music groups, and regular concerts. The House music competition is a huge event.

If you go into the news section on the website you can read all the old newsletters too - there's usually quite a bit about the boarders in there.

Autumnsky Wed 03-Feb-16 14:34:14

The fee for boarding is still very high, although it is state. For that price, add a bit more, you can send your DC to a local good independant school. And I think for a 11 year old, it is a bit hard to board. 13 or 14 is a better age to start boarding.

parkersmum Tue 07-Jun-16 00:10:27

Sorry for the late reply, my son has just left Reading school were he has boarded. It is fantastic. Great deal of clubs in the evenings, from gardening to triathlon, even swimming at the indi girls school few streets away. Food is brilliant and aplenty. It is more than good value for money. For boys starting school at 11 and staying there until 18 means they can gently settle in for the first couple of years, discover what they really like and make right choices for GCSE and not feel the imediate pressure to perform. Unless you wish your child to go full boarding at the vast cost and burden them with Saturday school, you will not be able to match Reading's offering. It is inner city school yet surrounded by lots of greenery, great train links, cinema at the walking distance, water skiing days and anything else that the city can offer. Boys are not in the middle of nowhere like some schools we have visited. This is the best kept secret in uk education, a gem!

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