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Passing on results to parents

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Eastyone Sun 31-Jan-16 22:26:13


Thanks to an awful lot of help from this forum my daughter has been granted 25% extra time - mainly due to handwriting problems.
It's been a long battle and because of staff qualifications the tests (DASH & TOWRE) were initially invalid and they had to ask an Ed Psy to carry out the tests, these were completed a couple of weeks ago and the school responded to an email saying the results were 'much the same'
We are aware thanks to people on this forum of subgroups in both tests and know my daughter completed these - the school after much pressure have now said DASH - 54 & TOWRE - 75 but are saying this is all the info they have? Which seems strange
I think we will now have to write for the results ourselves from the Ed Psy units but I would like to ask is this the norm as we like to try and get her tested for Dyspraxia
Thanks once again for listening

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