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Managing 6th form offer without incurring fees

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CharlotteYork Fri 29-Jan-16 09:36:11


Wonder if anyone has any experience in juggling 6th form offers without incurring fees. We have an offer of 6As and a 50% sports scholarship from a top London school, I am worried my child will not achieve the grades but how can I have a back up without incurring fees if he does get the grades? I guess I can't secure another scholarship either?

Any advice great fully received

Usually, you can't go for another scholarship without the permission of the Head of the school that has already offered one. I've just looked this for 13+ and this was stated in the application information, so my understanding is, you can sit for more than one scholarship simultaneously but not for a second after you you have been awarded one.

mummytime Fri 29-Jan-16 18:04:37

State school or sixth form college. I know some people commute out of London to Surrey ones, if you don't have any acceptable locally. (And lots of students transfer from private schools)

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