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The Hall School, Rutlish and Coombe Boys

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ScoutandAtticus Thu 28-Jan-16 16:45:27

DS is in year 6 and we are looking at these 3 schools. The Hall is mixed but independent but should be OK financially. I like the sound if their approach, very outdoorsey and all round. The state choices seem to be Rutlish and Coombe Boys which although both have improved, I have heard current boys complaining about class disruption etc.

DS is average and finds it difficult to focus which is why a more traditional private school doesn't appeal to us.

LocalEditorMerton Sat 30-Jan-16 19:21:28

Hi ScoutandAtticus

As two of these schools (The Hall and Rutlish) are in Merton and one in Kingston (Coombe Boys), it might be worth posting on the relevant MN Local Talk boards too, for local insights:

Good luck with decision-making.


ScoutandAtticus Tue 02-Feb-16 14:41:25

Thank you Kate

titchy Tue 02-Feb-16 15:13:24

You should have applied two months ago. Surely it's too late now..?

SelfRaisingFlour Tue 02-Feb-16 16:02:28

The applications for state schools were due in by end of October. Have you actually put in an application? Or is your child in year 5?

mummyinatizz Tue 02-Feb-16 18:38:16

I know some people with DCs at the Hall, not as outdoorsy as you might be led to believe, yes they go on a field trip once a year, but thats pretty much it. Small classes, less focus on SEN than there was.

A few leave each year at 13+ to go onto Epsom, St Johns, Reeds etc.

ScoutandAtticus Sun 07-Feb-16 11:17:43

I meant year 5!

LooseAtTheSeams Mon 08-Feb-16 08:19:15

My DS1 is at Rutlish and hopefully DS2 will follow in September. It is good at bringing out the best in boys and despite a sporty reputation, my non-sporty DS has been encouraged in art and music and is very happy. The school is particularly good on communication with parents and teachers respond quickly to any concerns. However, it is very different to the Hall, I imagine! I would strongly recommend you go to both the open morning tour and open evening next September to get the feel of the school.

LooseAtTheSeams Mon 08-Feb-16 08:24:14

Sorry, meant to add onto the last sentence 'but worth trying to make an appointment to look round before that' - otherwise was stating the obvious! I think they are quite open to parent visits. PM me if you have specific questions.

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