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Is this amount of movement normal or would you be concerned?

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powerfail Thu 28-Jan-16 07:26:00

Ok there was a change at dc school which resulted in the long term absence of a member of staff and following the staff member being off all hell broke loose.

Several children in one of my dc year left because of bullying from what I can gather that parents felt wasn't been dealt with.

Several left because they were unhappy.

Some where expelled.

A massive incident happened which involved at least five pupils putting another child in hospital and all pupils being expelled plus the boy leaving and it becoming a criminal case.

I think roughly 15 to 20 plus have left or been made to leave in a matter of a couple of months all from the same year.

One of mines behaviour has deteriorated at home massively and absoloutely hates school for no apparent reason other than they can't cope with it anymore (definitely not being bullied) and I am really worried.

Tumfy Thu 28-Jan-16 07:44:37

Of course you are right to be worried.
Presumably your DC also wants to leave. What are the other local options like? And are all the recently left at the other option (s)?
What do other parents think?

powerfail Thu 28-Jan-16 08:21:52

Yes mine wants to go but the other options are the two places the expelled children are at.
School is outstanding Ofsted, good results, one of the best in the borough so called.

The key member of staff came back but only part time at moment apparently wanting to know what the hell had happened.

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