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KCS Wimbledon 11+

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Lottie57 Tue 26-Jan-16 17:19:22

Just wondering if anyone has any advice for DS for KCS interview on Saturday? I'm wondering whether it's likely to have academic aspects to it or be more personal in nature. Any info gratefully received! Thanks in advance

justanotherquestion Wed 27-Jan-16 22:39:52

We have an interview Saturday too. My guess is that it will be a bit of both but may depend on who is interviewing. I think these interviews are impossible to prepare for other than the usual, as there are an infinite number of questions that could be asked and you do not want your DS to come over like a robot. I think the letter said 'to get a rounded picture', that would suggest perhaps hobbies, interests etc, but could include academic subjects that were not tested.

Lottie57 Fri 29-Jan-16 08:56:58

Yes I agree about not over prepping him - they will see straight through that and, as you said, it's impossible to predict what they will ask. Time to trust the process I think! Good luck to your son, justanotherquestion.

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