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Entrance to King edward vi camp hill for girls birmingham

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yam20 Fri 22-Jan-16 11:14:04

Hi all
I am from leicester and looking forward to my daughter to sit for the entrance exam this sep 2016. If she scores the pass mark and above how likely is it to get a place due to the distance. do you know any one where her child has got a place while living in another city.

BackforGood Fri 22-Jan-16 18:37:38

It's many years since mine were of an age that I was up on these things, so my best advice (for this and your other thread) would be for you to call the Foundation Office and ask them.

However, even if they did admit her, even if she did win a place (and you have to keep in mind there are something like 5000 applicants for about 150 places).... surely you can not think it would be a good idea to travel from Leicester ? Please tell me you are moving to Birmingham in the next few months, as you don't mention that in your OP, and the question about getting a place from the distance doesn't suggest you are.

Helenluvsrob Sun 24-Jan-16 20:22:19

There is no " pass mark" . If your dd scores sufficiently well in the exam she will be offered a place. Distance to the school only matters in the decider for the last placed child ( places are offered to the highest scores and down till the school is full).

But, unless you are going to move house or send her to live with a relative there is no feasible way to commute be a realist before you offer her this lovely school as a " carrot" - I assume you have taken her to an open day , not just decided it's where you want to send her ?

Also note the fierce competition as detailed above.

BackforGood Sun 24-Jan-16 23:53:24

O sorry, yes, I missed the bit about the 'pass mark'. Totally confirm what Helen says - there isn't "a" pass mark, just the highest scoring 150 (you'd need to confirm the number, but I think it's 5 form, from memory) get in.

Jessesbitch Tue 26-Jan-16 16:43:14

11+ forum is your friend. Lots of advice.

Dancingdreamer Tue 26-Jan-16 21:54:29

I heard that there was a girl travelling from London one year (from my DD's friend who is pupil there). However be aware that school gets good marks primarily because lots of girls continue to be tutored all through school. She thought some teachers were shocking. However what they do have is very high expectations of girls (hence why parents tutor when girls drop below standard.

They also lose lot of girls between GCSE and A level who don't get grades to stay. Hence A level results boosted by intake of bright girls at 16.

Helenluvsrob Wed 27-Jan-16 11:14:24

Dancingdreamer I've been a CHGS parent for umm 14yrs now and don't really recognise what you are saying. I'm sure there were some kids using tutors but not amongst my DD friendship group. Girls leaving before 6th form, were , at least amongst my kids friends , not due to poor grades , but either going on to specialist education ( music / drama) or " too cool for school" types who wanted the freer structure of 6th form college - it's definitely a rule bound school structure at 6th form (eg parent must pick up after evening theatre trips- when we wouldn't normally if they went out with friends!)

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