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EHCP or not?

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foreverton Fri 22-Jan-16 06:04:50

Hi, bit of background- I have a ds who is almost 13 and in year 8 at a requires improvement school.
We appealed for our first choice and lost, even with substantial medical evidence.
Ds then attended second choice school which had an autism base should he require it. School let him down very badly and he was bullied both physically verbally and over the internet. Removed him from school and applied and appealed for first choice school again and lost.
Reasons were shaky to say the least but I decided not to pursue it as my MH was suffering very badly.
Ds missed 9 weeks of year 7.
I then got him a place at a fairly local school which to be fair has not got the best reputation but he has friends there from primary and he started in July last year.
Ds seems happy but I'm concerned about his progress in the sense that every single lesson there is disruption, children being "exited" and seemingly little respect for the teachers. Ds said he feels sorry for the teachers. I worry he's not going to get a good education there and am now wondering if I should apply for an EHCP( with the hope of getting school one ) Ds has struggles such as doing his tie/shoelaces. Major anxiety and panic attacks and the pasroral care at school one is fantastic. Also mirrors his primary education in terms of religion/ethos etc.
So what would you do? I don't want to disrupt him further but can see he's coasting along and with all the disruptions/distractions is not learning and the lack of discipline really unnerves me.
Ds thrives on rules/routine and the teachers love him as he's so co-operative but he seems to be in the minority.
There are police officers on the school bus-says it all.
Any advice? Thanks so much smile

foreverton Fri 22-Jan-16 06:06:10

Sorry I missed out his diagnosis of asd at almost 9.

shouldiblowthewhistle Fri 22-Jan-16 19:06:45

The criteria for an EHCP will follow these lines:

SALT and EP likely to be involved in assessing his learning needs (certainly EP)

The recommendations from SALT and EP need to be followed for a term or so to see how your DS responds to this level of support.

The questions asked will be "What will an EHCP provide that he needs, that he isn't already getting". SEN Panel (who decide if he gets statutory assessment or not) will want to know what has already been done to support him, how well has it worked and why this level of support is needed.

You can apply for one if the school doesn't want to.

BetweenTwoLungs Tue 26-Jan-16 18:40:46

Is your son diagnosed with anything?

Is your son making progress? If he's making ANY progress he wouldnt get an EHCP in our borough. We've had one declined for w children seeing cahms regularly, hospitalised several times, seen EP, salt, everyone, but it was declined as she is making academic progress.

EHCP are generally only given to children who will require specialist provision outside of mainstream in our area.

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