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anybody has experience with applying for a bursary?

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goodusb Thu 21-Jan-16 17:24:40

Please could someone help me - I need to provide evaluation of house contents + possessions and valuables...we just got 2 cars and furniture ...what documentary evidence can I provide for these please? Do I need o include anything else? Thanks

kitnkaboodle Thu 21-Jan-16 22:59:05

Presume you have already worked out all your income and expenditure already. We had to provide every little detail of annual expenses on everything including gifts, holidays, clothes, etc shock List house value, savings, shares, also value of your business/stock if you are self employed. When we did our forms it took us a whole weekend!! I've no idea how you provide documentary evidence of house contents n cars?? If you have contents insurance, then that must be based on a value that you supplied, so show that?? And for the cars, I'm sure there must be a lot of websites where you can enter the details of your car and it gives you an instant valuation

PettsWoodParadise Fri 22-Jan-16 08:15:26

The Bursar should provide a form and that form should have guidance. As Kit says the contents insurance should provide evidence of furniture value etc. They don't expect you to sit in an empty house but if you had a Rembrandt they would consider that a significant asset. It may be that you leave a lot of it blank if you don't have an asset like a house. I too spent best part of the weekend filling out the form, baring every minutiae of my financial life. Then they sent the company that supports them in the bursary applications round to my house for an interview. They needed to understand why DH didn't work and I needed to supply evidence of my disabled mother and the carers allowance he got. They also quizzed why I had put down £1600 a year for work travel when whey worked out that I could cycle the twelve miles to and from work. hmm. It was very invasive and in the end we didn't qualify as we had too much equity as we are homeowners. For us the decision to downsize would have been possible but I quite like my spare bedroom when DH snores and we need my mother to stay when she needs extra support. For us the sacrifice just wasn't worth it. I've heard of renters being similarly quizzed on size of property and whether downsizing and DCs sharing rooms wouldn't release more disposable income etc. For us DD has the great choice of the local grammar down the road so we are not too disappointed and were really only hoping for a discount on the fees but the whole process put us off and made us feel like we really weren't meant to be part of that world. Good luck.

Gruach Fri 22-Jan-16 09:35:49

were really only hoping for a discount on the fees but the whole process put us off and made us feel like we really weren't meant to be part of that world

But the entire point of bursary provision is to change impossible to possible. Not to make life easy for people who do have some flexibility in their finances.

I've never heard of a bursary provider suggesting people cycle to work to save money but, as someone eloquently put it lately on another thread, manny, many people paying fees make compromises and sacrifices in order to do so. It is entirely reasonable that bursary recipients apply in the same spirit. From what I've seen bursars don't expect applicants to make their lives unpleasant (a roof over their heads, modest holidays, decent clothes, theatre trips, etc are all part of the background that should enable a child to thrive at school) but they do actively assume that you will make your child's education a financial priority.

Teddingtonmum1 Wed 27-Jan-16 09:12:57

I sent in my form they looked at my mortgage statement , my car is on finance & they done a home visit to have a look. Perfectly acceptable I reapply every year no home visit I just submit the forms

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