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Noise helps study

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Sammie1977 Thu 21-Jan-16 09:08:35

My son taps on the table to help him think in class. This is annoying to other students. He would tap silently on his knee except it's the sound that helps him concentrate. Are there any educational professionals here and parents of teenagers/children that have a solution for us? It's not possible to take music and earphones in the class, so we want to change the habit, but it's not easy to be creative around finding an alternative to tapping his finger (action/sound). Any help, ideas and info on why this is would be very much appreciated.

OzzieFem Thu 28-Jan-16 19:10:46

Saw this on another post about student tapping by MissApple. Hope it helps.

Have them tap their ear with their finger tip. It provides the rhythmic physical sensation and also the auditory tapping without being loud enough for others to hear.

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