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Anyone got Bolton School Boys interview for next week ?

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jetacusrious Tue 19-Jan-16 13:10:54

Hi, DS gave exam last week Thursday and got the letter on Saturday about his interview next week. Has anyone else received this letter and why its so early ?

aliben05 Thu 21-Jan-16 19:57:01

Hi - yes my son has an interview on Monday. No idea what the chances of getting a place are, been trying to work out the odds, but will see how it goes. A painful 6 weeks wait to find out....The early date is so they can get the offers out at the same time as LCC and other schools to arrive on the same day.

jetacusrious Fri 29-Jan-16 13:51:21

Strange as it may seem, but another letter for second interview for 40 mins... anyone have same situation and whats going on ? Couple of people whose children in Bolton school are surprised too !

aliben05 Fri 29-Jan-16 15:11:15

Oo- not heard of that one. I was worried first interview was only 10 minutes long. This wait is painful. Could the second interview be related to bursary/scholarship places?

aliben05 Fri 29-Jan-16 15:21:20

Philip Britton MBE ‏@Philip_Britton 18h18 hours ago
Interviewed some really impressive boys this week for entrance in Sept 2016. Further bursary interviews next week then some hard choices.
1:21 PM - 28 Jan 2016 · Details

The heads' tweet implies bursary interviews?

VioletEffingham Fri 29-Jan-16 21:01:03

Good luck! I was at the Girls' Division many moons ago.

jetacusrious Mon 01-Feb-16 10:04:45

aliben05 - You might be right, I called in the school and been told Its not a bad thing, so I am just going to see how it goes...really and hope for the best.

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