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Guildfordfamily Tue 19-Jan-16 12:57:14

Anyone else waiting for results and decision time for the Guildford girls schools? My dd has offers from Tormead and St Cats, but we are waiting for GHS. Really don't know which way we will go if she gets GHS too, but at the mo we are leaning towards St Catherines. Anyone else in my boat?!

yourmothernotyourfriend Wed 20-Jan-16 15:42:42

My DD2 has an offer from Tormead and didn't sit for the other two schools as she's currently in Tormead's junior school. DD1 is already in the senior school.

We have been very impressed by Mrs Foord’s changes to Tormead since 2010 when she took over the headship. There has been a significant changing of the guard amongst the staff with the recruitment of a raft of enthusiastic, dynamic teachers, both male and female, across all subjects. She has also presided over a major building project that has dragged the senior school buildings into the 21st century.

Her introduction of a range of scholarships awarded to girls entering both Year 6 and Year 7 to halt an exodus of talent at Yr 7 has, but for a couple of exceptions, succeeded. There is, therefore, a strong feeling amongst current parents that Tormead's stock is on the up. I appreciate that you may be influenced by the historic league table positions of St Cats and GHS but those Tormead girls selected under Mrs Foord's headship have yet to take their A Levels (but the current Oxbridge offers augur well!)

Tormead fosters a "give it a go" attitude in its girls without them feeling that they need to "ace" something from the off - which, I think, helps them develop resilience/ perseverance for the future. Girls are therefore involved in a diverse range of activities without the pressure to devote themselves to just one activity in order to excel (although this is, of course, an option should your daughter so choose!).

I strongly recommend attending the upcoming open day to judge for yourself.

Flyingmum23 Thu 21-Jan-16 21:39:58

I made the decision for primary for St Cats. It really depends on your child and whete she will be happy. GHS can go totally wrong even though they day for primary is ok until year 5 when is when dome girls get confidence issues. I thought the girls ar Tormead were lively and more suited to their age. I felt in live with StCats as it gets ths best of the other two schools and is a very caring pkace achieving with each other. If she is sport GHS or St Cats will be more suited. If she likes Gymnastics this is Tormead bread and butter.

altogetherelsewhere Sun 24-Jan-16 15:27:56

Hi Guildfordfamily, we are in the same position as you: offers gratefully received from Tormead and St Catz, and waiting for GHS. Have you heard if GHS have sent out offers yet? Given the sheer volume of applicants, we are not holding our breath but am keen to know one way or the other!

warmfireplace Mon 25-Jan-16 00:22:01

yourmother Just what you said. We only have a daughter in the junior school at the moment but we won't be looking elsewhere for senior. Tormead has a really lovely atmosphere at the moment. It really feels like a school that is in a good place and I love their philosophy of being proud to do your best (junior school really pushes that message). And it's quirky for all the right reasons which suits my daughter! Staff in juniors has changed a lot in the last couple of years but you are right that they are all enthusiastic and dynamic.

Guildfordfamily Mon 25-Jan-16 10:12:51

Well, update! We received offer from GHS on Saturday. Delighted really, but now we have to weigh up the pros and cons of them all. A lovely position for my dd to be in though, we are so proud of her.

Altogetherelsewhere I hope you've had good news too? Thanks to the others for their points too, lots to consider.

yourmothernotyourfriend Mon 25-Jan-16 12:00:23

Many congrats to both you and your daughter. The decision, as they say, is yours.....!

altogetherelsewhere Mon 25-Jan-16 14:15:29

Congratulations Guildfordfamily! That's great.
We just received offer in the post this morning! I will discuss this news and options with DD after school. She absolutely loved GHS when she visited and has been offered an Academic Exhibition which I understand does not give a discount on fees (unfortunately!) but a cheque for DD annually for books/stationery, and I imagine this will sway her in GHS's direction!
Thanks very much to those who took the time to post on this thread. It's so useful to hear from those whose DDs are already in the system. The challenge for all of us is to try to find the best fit for the child.
My older DD is considering joining Tormead at Year 9. She loved the feel of the place and the range of clubs and inclusive attitude but as we are moving back to the area, she does not know anyone there, and we are hoping that it's as friendly a place as it seemed for new joiners.

AMumOfThree Mon 25-Jan-16 19:06:55

Congratulations on your offers! GHS give out very few academic scholarships and exhibitions, so that is a real achievement. I have two DDs at GHS, one now very happy in the senior school. Do PM me if you want to ask anything.

yourmothernotyourfriend Mon 25-Jan-16 19:36:21

Congratulations to you and DD2, altogetherelsewhere. Very happy to discuss Tormead senior school with you. Just PM me - I am sure that I can put you in contact with some current Yr 8 girls should your DD1 wish to meet some once you're in the area!

altogetherelsewhere Tue 26-Jan-16 08:13:51

MumofThree and Yourmothernotyourfriend, thank you both very much. I will definitely PM you. Just need to work out how to do it... !!

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