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Secondary schools in Reigate

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EvaP Mon 18-Jan-16 14:42:21

I will be arriving in Reigate in March. My daughter is due to start secondary school in September, (2106) so I am very late to apply for a place.
Has anyone got any experience of or know a child that has started a school late in this area?? Is it possible that she will be shipped out 5 miles down the road somewhere else in Surrey??
Any info would be really appreciated

LIZS Tue 19-Jan-16 15:26:42

Unfortunately it is perfectly possible that they may end up at Beacon in Banstead,
Oakwood in Horley which is being expanded, or Warwick in Redhill. Reigate School, St Bedes , RAAS and Ashcombe in Dorking are all normally oversubscribed.

kla73 Tue 19-Jan-16 17:10:40

I am not very familiar with the area. However I would suggest that if you live at an address where you would have got in to a school if you had submitted an on time application you have a good chance of being high on the waiting list and in with a reasonable chance of a place if you are resident in early March. Your place on the waiting list will be determined by where you are in the admissions criteria rather than when you request it.
Places can move quite quickly after the period of time (usually 2 weeks) the local authority gives people to accept or decline a place - although they cannot take a place away from a child if a parent doesn't reply without chasing them several times.
My child was on a waiting list (position 9) for a very popular school and was offered a place by the end of March. There were a number of children lower down the waiting list who also got places. We may have got lucky - it is very difficult to predict so you do need to realistic. The schools may give you an indication but will also want to be careful to give false hope. My child's school was quite cagey but did give me a bit of hope by saying that they normally gave approx 10 places after the declined places come in - this is for a 8 form entry school.
Your chances will be improved by being resident as early in March as possible rather than the end when you might have missed out on the places created by those who decline as they will already have been reallocated. There tends to be a slow down in places coming available after this point.

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