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The Royal School Haslemere / Churchers for DS?

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Cheekywindypiglet Sun 17-Jan-16 05:56:41

This is my first post on MN so please forgive me if I don't shorten what I'm meant to etc but I shall try!
So, my question is does anyone out there have a son at The Royal School in Haslemere? Specifically the senior school and how is the new structure going? Are numbers up and does it seem to be working? My DS is only year 1 but we are looking to settle in Haslemere in the next couple of years so need to think about which prep schools and senior schools to look at. We are looking at Independent schools but can't afford Charterhouse etc.

Where does everyone send their sons in that area? Our DS is very bright but his younger brother seems very happily average and it would be good if they could go to the same school ideally.

Thoughts on Churchers and The Royal School would be great. Also people seem keen on St Edmunds but where on earth do the children then go for sixth form? I of course know about RGS but not sure if I'm keen on a town centre school.

Really appreciate feedback, thank you


trinity0097 Sun 17-Jan-16 07:25:07

A disclaimer that I work at St. Edmund's.

Our pupils at 16 will go to a range of schools, from other independent schools to 6th Form Colleges, totally depending on the right fit for the child (and parents). Many of the schools around here that are hard to get into at 11 or 13 have already expressed a desire in taking our pupils at 16. Time will be invested with parents into helping them find the right option at 16 for their child, just as we do for 11 and 13.

Why not come and have a look around, we have an open morning in a few weeks?

Wigglyparty Sun 17-Jan-16 07:44:47

Our DS is in Amesbury School and loves it: he comes home every day genuinely inspired by what he is learning We had also looked at the Royal School and decided to let the new structure bed in for a while before possibly looking again for secondary. It's fortunate that there are plenty of good schools in the area, so it's just a matter of finding the best fit for your DC. Good luck!

Cheekywindypiglet Sun 17-Jan-16 07:53:58

Thank you both so much.

Both of those posts are very helpful.

Currently we are living abroad but we move back in the summer and will certainly come and look around schools in September

Really appreciate your responses


BlueStringPudding Mon 18-Jan-16 17:12:51

I had 2 DDs at The Royal Senior school, and they both did really well there, and had a lovely time, so can strongly recommend it (although they left before the Boys' School started). DS is at a prep school more local to us, and The Royal is definitely on our shortlist for him for Senior School.

Cheekywindypiglet Tue 19-Jan-16 09:45:42

Thank you BlueString, guess my concern is boys numbers, I just can't work out how many boys there are each year (have searched website but no joy), any ideas?

BlueStringPudding Tue 19-Jan-16 17:20:55

I'm not sure on the numbers - class sizes used to be 15-18 a class, and I think for the Boys they were starting with one form entry, with a plan to expand to 2 or 3 classes per year, as the Boys' School gets established. I have seen photos around including this one - which leads me to believe they have around 15 boys in the classes.

Best way would be to take a tour, and to count the boys, but appreciate that's difficult until you get here. Younger years will be easier for them to build up, as they have a reasonably good pipeline from Nursery.

We do have a shortage of boys' day schools in the area, and so I would expect the numbers to grow, but obviously it will take a little time, as some people will want to wait until the school has full numbers in each year.

I would think if your DS is only in Year 1 then you should be fine. I would look at sending him there for Prep at least - because of the Diamond Model the classes will have boys and girls in until Year 3, so will be larger numbers anyway, and you should find that by the time he is of Senior School age that the Senior School will be well established. And if not, then you can change at that point..

Cheekywindypiglet Tue 19-Jan-16 23:24:51

Thanks again BlueString. All very useful info. Guess the other option is Churchers prep and senior but that's on the other end of the scale size wise. Well at least there are some good options and shall look at all on our return. I do like the sound of nothing too big but similarly you don't want too small for sports teams etc. hmmm decisions decisions! At least we have a few years to see how things pan out!

VeteranNovice Fri 29-Jan-16 16:11:11

My son is at the Royal School in Yr 9. He started in September and has been extremely happy from day one. Duncan Hewson, the new Head of Senior Boys, is a real inspiration. I am now considering the girls school for our daughter.

Cheekywindypiglet Fri 29-Jan-16 22:34:51

VeteranNovice, that's lovely to hear, thank you for sharing. May I ask how many boys are in his year and if they have enough to get decent sports teams together?
Thank you

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