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Rant at the school about poor communication

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Herrerarerra Wed 13-Jan-16 20:54:41

Bit of an ooops really!

My 15 year old earned himself a detention on Friday. During the afternoon I had a text and email from school stating that he'd had a C3 so would be in detention for an hour, and to call the pastoral team to discuss if necessary. I had no idea what a C3 was - he'd only previously had a C1 and it was like pulling teeth trying to find out what that was a code for (his shirt was untucked). Anyway I called the pastoral team. If my son has a detention then I'd like to know why, because then we can discuss it with him at home - a letter and number means nothing and I'd already brought this up with a deputy head when he had his detention for being a scruff! Anyway, I left messages for the pastoral team with no callback so eventually had to go through reception and a teacher called me. Apparently he'd been acting the clown in class. We talked to our son about it, it's GCSE year so we impressed on him how important it is that he's doing what he has to do in class. I emailed the deputy head and again asked if it would be possible for parents to be informed of whatever their child had done to earn the detention rather than just being sent a vague code. That was how it'd been done up until this academic year.

Fast forward to lunchtime today and another text arrived, followed by an email, informing me that he'd received a C3 so would be in detention for an hour tonight. Again I called the pastoral team. No answer. I put in emails to them and had no response. During last period tutor my son replied to my earlier text ("What have you done now????") and told me that the pastoral director hadn't been aware that he'd done the detention on Friday so wanted him to do it today instead, so nothing to worry about and he'd be home on time.

But....I didn't find this out until I'd sent a ranting email to the pastoral team about how bloody crap the school are at keeping parents informed and copied in the head, deputy head and head of year blush

Ladymuck Thu 14-Jan-16 13:09:46

Well, you won't be the first parent to complain to a school about communication...
Are you sure that the behaviour policy isn't on the school website? They often are, but I suspect that some schools put the minimum on there.
Can I suggest that if you feel that your rant was unfair that you fire back a quick apology. Teachers are human. Yes, they can spot that it is a rant, and shouldn't take it too personally, but if you want the school to admit when it needs to do better, then there's no harm in setting an example.

Herrerarerra Thu 14-Jan-16 13:47:01

I'm certain there're nothing on the website - I've looked and looked. There was a new head last year so in July a 38 page pdf of new rules and policies was forwarded to parents (along with a printed version sent home with the kids!!) and there's nothing at all in that about these codes either.

I will be sending an email now I've got the time to sit down and compose one, there hasn't been a single reply to the one I sent yesterday though.

swingofthings Fri 15-Jan-16 09:09:42

I think at 15, most schools expect parents to have that level of communication with their child directly.

Wolfiefan Fri 15-Jan-16 09:13:43

But swing a teen's view of why they got a detention wouldn't necessarily be the same as the school's!
Unless you know what happened then you can't support the school.
Is the code the c you refer to? It's probably consequence. C1 and 2 being a warning. They may not correspond to why the detention was given.

cricketballs Fri 15-Jan-16 17:48:35

Does the school use a system like go4schools or similar (online system)

We use the 'C' system, a C1 is a 5 min DT at break/lunch for disruption etc, if it has esculated during lesson then a C2 which is 10 mins is issued, if the C1 hasn't been undertaken then it goes up to a C2.

A C3 (1/2 hour) is for more major issues and missed C2s, this can then go up to C4 (hour) and eventually isolation or exclusion. However, we always put the reasons why each C is issued on go4school which parents have access to

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