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Re : Downside School in Bath

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changesided Wed 13-Jan-16 07:58:55

i plan to let me son study in this school this year. any comment of this school?

originalmavis Wed 13-Jan-16 08:06:00

Is that the boarding school?

changesided Wed 13-Jan-16 08:13:54

yes. a co-ed school.

originalmavis Wed 13-Jan-16 08:23:33

With the monks? Maybe it's not the one on thinking of!

changesided Wed 13-Jan-16 08:30:50

not good in acadamic? how about the students behaviour? can u tell me more

originalmavis Wed 13-Jan-16 09:07:14

My friend went there. Very big on music - they used to record albums. Good on discipline but the kids seem to like it and pop back to visit (so or can't be all that bad). Was there a whif of priest scandal a while ago?

I'll ask him what he thinks. Always good to google schools and Head.

Has your son got a place?

changesided Wed 13-Jan-16 09:13:11

yes, they offer a place to my son. i'm wondering whether it is suit for my son.
Awaiting for your friends comments, thanks a lot!

sw2016 Thu 28-Jan-16 15:34:02

Hello, my son also got an offer of Year 10 from Downside. Which year of your son?

Bartois709 Sun 31-Jan-16 11:36:27

Downside is now the top school academically in Somerset. It is boarding and day and is co-ed. DD is in 2nd year now and loving it. Would recommend!smile

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