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Nower Hill High School

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ProfDumbledore Tue 12-Jan-16 09:52:10

Hello All

Would anyone have any experience with Nower Hill High School in Pinner/Harrow?

It is the closest state school to us and we would like to consider it for our DD. It will also mean that my DS would get in by sibling link IF my DD manages to get a place next year.

They go to a prep school at the moment and we are considering this school along with independent options. The plus side would be that both siblings could end up going to the same school although it is still very early days to know would be suitable for my DS.

My concern is that it is a huge school but I hear that class sizes are small at around 25. I just wanted to find out if anyone here have had children in the independent sector that then moved to schools like Nower Hill?

It is an outstanding school and we saw the school last year and were very impressed with the Headmaster's talk. It seems that pupil behaviour is one of the top things on his list.

But are school trips limited to a certain number of children per trip? I am talking about residential trips. What about resources - are there plenty for all the children? i.e. laptops/ipads, clubs etc. These are some of the questions we didn't get to ask at our last visit and we have to wait until October for the next open evening.

We are just trying to weigh out the option of paying school fees -v- outstanding state school. But then are there things that private schools offer at senior level that state doesn't?

Confused as ever so any advice would be much appreciated.

saltysquid Tue 12-Jan-16 20:46:12

Have pmed you

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