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Changing high schools

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Ronky75 Mon 11-Jan-16 21:05:27

My 13 year old son is stuggling in school. Wrong crowd wrong attitude and teachers not really helpin other than isolation for the day. I think it's time to move him . He's in year 9 any other experiences??

MagpieCursedTea Mon 11-Jan-16 21:55:24

I changed schools at the end of year 9/start of year 10. I won't lie, it was very hard for me. However I think in the long run it was the right thing to do and I ended up getting into a good sixth form college and am still very good friends with the people I met at the new school (I'm 32 now).

Ronky75 Tue 12-Jan-16 06:20:51

Thanks for ur comment

Heirhelp Tue 12-Jan-16 06:33:53

A teacher here. It will only work if your child is behind it and wants it to be sucessful in the new school If they are hanging around with the wrong people remember with social media their influence will always be there. What does your son think of the situation? What have you done so far? You don't sound very happy with this cure to school - what would you like them to do? It might be worth investigating a managed move as if he has a bad behaviour record another school may not accept a causal application.

Ronky75 Tue 12-Jan-16 08:17:32

Thank you for that we have had numerous meeting with targets but nothing seems to change. I would prefer him not to move as he doesn't want to leave his friends but he is getting a reputation with some of the teachers and he doesn't think they are treating him fairly so he's going into s hool with the wrong mindset. There is a threat of him having a spell at a behaviour school for a week but I can't see this helping plus it will go on his permanent record which might hinder him in the future. We have another meeting g with them today where we are going to discuss possibly moving him. Thanks for your support.

Ronky75 Tue 12-Jan-16 08:18:15

What is a manged move?

HSMMaCM Tue 12-Jan-16 08:34:56

I agree with your son being on board with the decision. One of DD's friends was having similar problems. She moved to another school and became and school refuser. Tried yet another school and ended up being excluded. Two terms later she was back in the first school trying to play catch up with GCSE coursework. It was the old frying pan into the fire.

Weigh up all the pros and cons of a move with your son.

Heirhelp Tue 12-Jan-16 16:59:50

A managed move is a trial at another school. It means your son could try out another school and if you or the school were not happy with the new school within the trial period he can go back to his orginal school. The down side, if he fails the manage move for example his behaviour is not acceptable at the new school they will send him back to the orginal school and he will never be able to go back to the new school even if he is permanently excluded from the original school.

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