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Duke of Kent School vs Belmont

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chipsterrules Tue 05-Jan-16 14:28:37

Considering both of the above very interested in any pros/cons.
Concerned DofK goes to secondary there is no motivation to get students up to passing 13+ should they want to move to a more academic school. Both schools don;t have great academic profiles - has this changed?

englishinnj Wed 06-Jan-16 18:09:38

Firstly must declare interest as a current Belmont parent. Also have a daughter who has left, now in UVI.

In my experience Belmont is very much a school with a focus on the next step. My daughter's year group went to all sorts of schools - from Day, Boarding, at places including Gordonstoun , Sherborne, Hurst, Lancing, Epsom College and many more. The school is great at getting your child to the school that works for them. It's a happy place, lots of outdoors stuff, and academically has really upped its game in the last few years but still is not a hothouse, but always seems to do the job required.

curator1234 Fri 08-Jan-16 15:08:22

I also must declare an interest as I have children at DofK (senior). It is not an academic hothouse but expectations and standards are high, with the aim that each child will do his/her absolute best academically. The focus is though on CGSE success (results appear to be improving significantly year on year) so I suppose it depends what you want.

Definitely worth a visit - the staff and teaching is the best I have seen at this stage (although only got comparison of two schools - both independent). As it is small if your child is remotely sporty, musical etc they will be given every opportunity to represent the school (good for moral, confidence etc)

Hope this helps

chipsterrules Tue 12-Jan-16 18:07:09

Thank you

chipsterrules Tue 12-Jan-16 18:08:59

We are visiting both this week. DoK seems favourite but will try to keep open mind. As due to location not sure where we would go next after Belmont ...

englishinnj Thu 14-Jan-16 19:15:12

I wonder how you got on ? What did you think ...

AlwaysFriday Fri 15-Jan-16 11:04:02

Choosing the school is going to be all about the feel you get when you're there, but for my two penny worth...
I have an interest in Belmont - well actually 4 little interests in Belmont and am very very happy with it. I think the academic profile has definitely shifted in the last 5 years. They now have two from entry and that has meant they are able to have smaller classes and really push those that are able/ need it and also are able to spot anyone who is slipping a bit and give them the extra help they need.
The staff are fantastic - enthusiastic and friendly and full of new ways to learn. It is not a hot house, but if you ask me it gets the same results just through very happy children who have a good enough balance of work and fun so when it is work time they work really hard and achieve.
I wanted my kids to change schools for senior school so I'd choose Belmont every time, but it's personal!

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