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Newbie - six form colleges in the Cambridge area

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farmgirl1961 Mon 04-Jan-16 21:31:12

Hello - I'm new to this forum and haven't yet made the move to the UK. We're an American family; my husband has American and Irish citizenship. Our youngest daughter (currently 14) has ambitions to finish up her high school studies in the UK - at a sixth form college. She's more interested in the IB curriculum than A levels. We've been looking and have come up with Parkside Sixth and Impington Village College. Wondering if anyone has any experiences to share and/or recommendations.

Our 16 year old niece lives with us. She'd be 18 years old when we headed over to the UK. Her passion is photography. She has some learning difficulties and needs more time and educational support. We like the looks of Long Road Sixth Form. Again, any experiences to share.

Lastly, we can see that Cambridge is very expensive. We hope to take a trip out this summer to explore schools and places to live. Any recommendations?

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