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St Aidans Harrogate queries for Sixth Form

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jULiE12463 Sat 02-Jan-16 22:55:01

My DD is currently looking at sixth forms in Yorkshire. She is quite interested in both St Aidans and also Ralph Thoresby, but her friends told her RF is dangerous and 'scratty.'

We visited St Aidans to check out their Sixth Form not so long ago and she seemed to really like the school. My daughter is very muscial and their music department is meant to be great isn't it? Her only concerns are whether she would make friends; in the past she suffered from social anxiety and depression sad, and so she doesn't have many friends at her school. Thankfully, she has recovered and her confidence is growing but she is so concerned that she wont 'fit in', or make any friends and "be a loner" can anyone people please tell me if the school has friendly students? I don't want her to go through the same hardship all over again.

Also, her other concern is travel we'd have to pay around £700 a year to get a coach from where we live to the school. I am willing to pay as long as she would be happy there.

Does anyone have any points they could make about the school involving the music department, the pupils and the education it offers?

Thank you if anyone gets back to me!smile

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