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Saltdean secondary schools

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a1hart Sun 27-Dec-15 15:15:15

Hi there

Winder d if anyone has advice on secondary schools in the saltdean area?
Not heard great things about longhill, so what are the options?
Are there other good schools in the area or would it be a gamble of applying outside of catchment? Not sure how this all works in Brighton and hove, I take it there aren't tests to get into state secondary schools?
We live in saltdean so considering peacehaven community, but are there options to apply for Brighton based schools?

Thanks a lot for any help here!

ElfOnTheBoozeShelf Sun 27-Dec-15 15:21:47

Stay as far away from Longhill as you can. Do not even visit. Absolute hell hole.

PCS pretty good as a general all around school, but very over subscribed now.

Tideway (is it called Seahaven Academy now? I get confused) supposed to be very good - much better than its old reputation.

Further afield you're then looking at Seaford Head, Lewes, Varndean, Dorothy Stringer et all. A lot of it will depend on which side of Saltdean you're in for catchment areas.

a1hart Sun 27-Dec-15 15:46:13

Thanks for the pointers Elf, (love the name!)
So catchment areas are a pre req by the sounds of it, that's why I was confused, when I downloaded the catchment area map our post code, BN2 8 appeared to only show longhill, but it would seem from what you're saying we could explore further out (seaford) or even Brighton.
Where would I get a lost of possible list of catchment schools for us?
Again, if we opted for peachaven junior would that entitle a place in PCS?
Thanks again :-)

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