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Advice needed on grammar school re-admission

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apoorna Thu 24-Dec-15 02:36:27

Dear Mums,

My DC got a letter from the council that a place has become available in the local grammar school and my DC is invited to take 11+ exam (DC is in year 9 now). Currently we are on vacation returning 11th January. This email has ruined our holiday as DH and I have been having many arguments since on whether to change the flight dates or not as the date change is costing us nearly £3000. Although I am not sure how many vacancies are being filled and how many children are taking the test, I still want DC to give it a try. If anyone has any experience in in-admissions in grammar schools, could you please share your views? What would you do if you were in my situation?

Best regards,

prh47bridge Thu 24-Dec-15 07:29:22

I would start by contacting the LA, explaining that you are out of the country on the date given and asking if an alternative date can be arranged for your child. If they say yes make sure you get it in writing - email will do.

SelfRaisingFlour Thu 24-Dec-15 16:24:25

I would find out how many are doing the test. I know someone whose son did an exam for 2 places that came up at a grammar school. There were 75 boys taking the test. This particular boy got a place, but the odds weren't that great.

Is he happy at his current school? I would also ask about an alternate date, but they may not be sympathetic if you're having a holiday in term-time.

admission Thu 24-Dec-15 18:01:43

Gut feeling says that the school is not taking extra pupils, as the published admission number does not change year to year, so it is probably only a couple of places maximum that are available.
Now if they have only invited 2 or 3 to do the test that might sound OK, but that would fly against all the admission regs in terms of equality, so the probability is that the LA are contacting everyone who has expressed an interest in any school place becoming available, which might be the 75 that selfraisingflour talks about.
I think the timing is lousy, as you are unlikely to be able to get any info before Jan 2nd but you need to know how many are expected to take the test. If it is a lot then for a couple of places then I would say you are wasting your money.
Frankly your DC is not going to be a high flyer in any grammar school (if he did not get a place at age 11) and could easily find it a very difficult transition if they are doing well where they are. It sounds to me it is much more about what you want, rather than what would be best for DC and my feeling is that it is not something I would do.

apoorna Sun 27-Dec-15 01:12:47

Thanks a lot for your replies mummies! I checked with the council and came to know they have 2 vacancies and they invited 5 children incl mine. However they have a waiting list too and as you rightly mentioned, to give a fair advantage to all children they are asking everyone to take the test. Well i started looking at flight options now. Fingers crossed.

orangeplum Sun 27-Dec-15 08:51:48

Good luck to your DS Apoorna

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