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Hoping for HoY not to change! Anyone any ideas on what going to happen!

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tryingtolookafterkidz Thu 03-Dec-15 20:00:27

So my DS has just joined a school in year 10 and has settled very well. if im honest im quite surprised! His Head of year has been brilliant. To give you an insight my DS isnt an easy kid alot of the time he has slight beahvoir difficulits. I partly blame myself im a single disabled mum and he cares for me alot. HE gets upset and angry at school (not badly) The head of year has been brilliant he has given him a time out card, councelling, a place to work when he feels he cant work. When i have been in hospitial (we tell the school) the HoY goes and checks on him in the day. He really cares. Are only problem is that he isnt the head of year the kids (already at school) normally have and we know that she isnt as good, she dosent believe in kids "excusses" for anything including situations at home she dosent believe that it should come in school enviroment. You can never find her (apparently) and she forces kids to do things they dont (or cant) do (like go to class, when theyre are issues behind why they cant, like one of my DS's friend has servere anxiety to the point he has panic attacks outside classes the old hoy would make him go in forcing him to kick of or be ill) She has been on maternity leave and is ment to be back in febreuary (at least thats what kids have been told) its her first child as well. Um the main reason we think that she might not come back as hoy is that the hoy at the moment only teaches 7 lessons a week (due to being a hoy) this will stay the same if she comes back. that means he would have 23 hours a week free periods i know teachers like having free periods but thats pushing it! School are telling us nothing as they "dont really know" any experence advie anyhting! thanks for reading sorry its long i cant put it in smaller words

Ionacat Fri 04-Dec-15 08:09:03

February is still a while away and to be honest there is little point in worrying about it. The HoY on maternity may choose to come back part time and therefore not take her HoY role back, she may come back and be fine. You don't know, to be honest the school may not know and at the moment you are only hearing the gospel according to the pupils, which can be very inaccurate.
It is very unusual for a HoY to be only teaching 7/30, that is a SLT timetable and more like a deputy head one at that, so I suspect the current HoY must have some responsiblities elsewhere, a school will not be able to afford a teacher without any responsiblity to have a timetable that light, it simply isn't cost effective. Teachers are expensive. If he loses the HoY role, you usually expect your timetable to increase, or he may have just taken it on to cover in addition to his usual responsiblities.
I would wait and see what happens and then once the school have confirmed what is happening, ask for a "handover" meeting with current and new HoY and perhaps form tutor (who should be a constant in all of this) to make sure arrangements stay in place.

Millymollymama Fri 04-Dec-15 12:45:42

Honestly, the HOY is not hanging around the school doing nothing in "free periods". You will find they have lots of other duties with reduced teaching commitment due to that fact.

The HOY who is on maternity leave has a right to come back to her grade of job, but not the actual job. If the current HOY is acting in the role, then she may well come back to it. She may negotiate a job share. The school almost certainly will not know what her decision will be at the moment, nor the arrangements they will make for her return. She could decide she does not want to come back at all. However, none of this can be decided by you so you will have to wait and see.

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