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Thoughts on fee for sixth former teaching year 7 maths?

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Tiger011 Tue 01-Dec-15 21:24:05

My daughter's just been offered a tutoring job for year 7 student from another school through her school, but we're not sure how much she should charge for lessons. Typically how much would you guys be willing to pay? And if she has to travel to the tutee's house would you pay more?

She goes to a good private school and got top grades in all her GCSEs and 100UMS for her Maths iGCSE, competes regularly in various maths competitions as well as getting through to the Olympiads of the UKMT challenges. She also peer tutors students in her own school who are in years 10 and 11, so she does have experience and is mathematically capable.

Any opinions much appreciated!

hellsbells99 Tue 01-Dec-15 23:33:58

My DD charges £10 for an hour - but that is at our house.

nicp123 Tue 01-Dec-15 23:40:10

Being mathematically capable might not be enough I'm afraid! I know couple of Oxbridge boys charging £20/hour during the summer holidays but they told me it can be very hard when the pupil decides not wanting to do Maths one day, and the parents can't do anything about it.
Your DS needs to have an understanding of child behaviour and development and be able to manage challenging behaviour or special needs especially if she will be going to tutor in the pupil's environment. It is OK at her school if she is given instructions or some 'direction' and she is familiar with the pupils and the environment. Tutoring involves CRB checks, assessing and planning the lessons to suit the pupil etc.
If the pupil if somebody she knows I suppose Your DD might get £10-15/hour as she isn't actually a qualified tutor?

Witchend Wed 02-Dec-15 12:22:55

A-level to year 7 is reasonably far enough ahead to manage it. I did it briefly.
I charged around £8 an hour, so I'd guess £10-£12 probably is reasonable assuming she's doing maths A-level and probably further maths too.
Peer tutoring is quite different from year 7 though, I found it harder.

Tutoring involves CRB checks you'd like to think so wouldn't you? Dm tutors. She's done it freelance and with agencies. She gets a CRB for herself, but she says she's never had either a parent or agency ask for one. shock
Agencies are a right scam, dm's never had any checks done by any of them, either of her teaching/mathematical ability or the CRB type. She rarely uses them, as word of mouth is enough if you're a good tutor in maths, but she's used 4 or 5 over the years and been astounded at how they have just taken everything as truth from her without even meeting her.

camptownraces Wed 02-Dec-15 12:33:32

It rather depends on what is expected of a tutor in this situation.

Is she expected to prepare an additional "lesson" for the Y7 child, and if so, how will she find out what scheme of work is being followed in that school? Will she set more homework, based on what has been taught?

The easiest for the tutor is if she is just expected to go through the homework and classwork which the Y7 has recently accomplished. Even that will only work if the school text book and exercise book(s) are actually available for the tutorial session.

Another approach, which a professional tutor might use, is to set a standardised test appropriate for the Y7's age, using that as a basis for assessing strengths and weaknesses. Unlikely that such a test would be available to a sixth-former, however.

So, find out what the parents are expecting, and where, and agree a rate of pay before the lessons start.

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