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Any teachers give some info on cycle reports

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Bambambini Tue 01-Dec-15 10:15:31

Have a yr 9 child in top sets for math and English.

Just had their cycle report.

6b - current working at grade
7c - teacher expected end of year level
7a - minimum expected end of year level

7c - current working at grade
7a - teacher expected end of year level
8b - minimum expected end of year level

Reading the accompanying bumf, is this telling us that he is underperforming and not going to meet their expectations? Same trend for other subjects as well. A bright child but we feel he is just coasting and we have allowed this as he always has good reports, is top sets and the teachers don't really have that much negative feedback other than a bit careless and dreamy. How accurate are these reports or are they mostly just an annoying box ticking exercise for teachers.

Just trying to get a handle on this before the teacher/parents meeting later this week. Any honest opinions and thoughts appreciated, thanks.

noblegiraffe Tue 01-Dec-15 11:17:47

The figures aren't accurate, they're made up. The picture is of a very bright but underachieving boy, however the targets have been computer generated and could be unrealistic.

So you need to talk to the teachers to find out whether he is capable of doing better, and if yes, then what he needs to be doing. Eg more focus in lessons, (would moving seats help?) more attention to detail in homework, (would you checking his homework or setting a minimum time to complete help?). That sort of concrete plan is better than looking at levels.

Bambambini Tue 01-Dec-15 22:29:55

Thanks noble - will see what the teachers say. Husband wanted to go private and I wasn't so keen. Starting to regret it a little.

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