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Three of four A level teachers leaving? Jump ship or sit tight and pray?

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cressetmama Sat 28-Nov-15 22:28:20

DS changed school for A levels in September so has not finished the first term. After half term, we have just found out that three out of four of his main teachers will be leaving in January for schools where they are paying national scale. When we saw the school last year, we were all blown away by the enthusiasm. Now the place is in turmoil, Principal has gone sick/retired; deputy/acting principal on the sick until at least Xmas, OFSTED imminent. Do we look to go back to where he was (a school in special measures) or what? It's a STEM college BTW, so recruitment is tough unless there are £££ in the system, and I don't think there are....WWYD?

noblegiraffe Sat 28-Nov-15 22:45:20

I doubt other schools would accept him at this point in the year - switching to a different school where they will have taught different things on the syllabus would be a disaster.

Millymollymama Sat 28-Nov-15 22:51:49

You were blown away by a sales pitch! All that glitters is not gold.

Failing schools often work hard to turn things around. They have to. If the syllabus and exam boards are the same, there could be a chance of going back. You can ask.

Millymollymama Sat 28-Nov-15 22:52:48

Glisters it should be! Autocorrect.

cressetmama Sun 29-Nov-15 11:53:49

Not really blown away by a sales pitch: we saw about half a dozen schools, state and private, and this one stood out. We were still impressed at consultation evening just before half term.

No way is there going to be a return to the previous school; not a single student passed AS maths last summer, and the engineering faculty would put a glass eye to sleep!

TeddTess Sun 29-Nov-15 16:05:12

not helpful millymollymama

difficult position, how diligent/motivated is your ds? can he work independently / get a tutor out of school? I think I would do your best with the current circumstance at this stage. Don't panic just focus on him and what he can do, you can do a lot yourself with the right textbooks/online material etc.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 29-Nov-15 16:10:37

Do his old school have a sixth form? Ring them tomorrow and ask if he can go back?

My brother did this. Went to a new sixth form college and hated it, refused to go back after Oct half term. His old school took him back.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sun 29-Nov-15 16:10:55

Sorry, just read your other post.

You could try any other sixth forms in the area and explain?

cressetmama Sun 29-Nov-15 16:20:13

We are already tutoring outside school and very happy with the tutor. I think we are inclined to stick for now and ask lots of questions. DS is starting to take life and study seriously but still needs lots of direction. It doesn't help that he really doesn't know where he wants to be, so it is about retaining options.

TeddTess Sun 29-Nov-15 16:36:25

a tutor can keep him on track
if he's focused and motivated he should be ok. not ideal but better than moving schools unless you have a great school which he can get into (and it doesn't sound like it). the school might sort themselves out and this could just be a blip.
good luck.

sharoncarol43 Mon 30-Nov-15 19:25:21

You are not going to find it much different anywhere else, I don't expect. Teachers are walking out by the ten thousand, and many departments are more than half staffed by supply agencies. Very few of my colleagues would accept long term positions now, some set a maximum length of commitment of a week or two, some not even that.

cressetmama Tue 01-Dec-15 09:27:51

Good heavens Sharon, I had no idea it was so bad. Does the private sector offer any gerater prospect of stable teaching staff, do you know?

cressetmama Tue 01-Dec-15 09:28:42

...greater.... duh!

tropicalfish Tue 01-Dec-15 10:03:23

My dc's school seems to provide one poorer teacher alongside one strong teacher for each subject. In 2 cases, the teachers are hopeless and dc has had to teach themselves. It requires a great deal of motivation. My advice would be to get as many books as possible to enable them to do this. And as you can see from our experience, you can still end up with poorer teachers wherever you go.
I am curious about why your teachers are not paid according to the national scale? Should they not be?

cressetmama Tue 01-Dec-15 12:43:22

It's not subject to LA oversight and can hire teachers without recognised qualifications; it sets its own curriculum and pay scales, which are apparently less than salaries in a comparable comprehensive.

ChopsticksandChilliCrab Tue 01-Dec-15 14:43:57

This sounds very unsettling for DS and the other students. DS is lucky he has a tutor to help him.

A couple of ideas- for maths, if the college has a subscription to, all the AS maths lessons are on there, plus online homeworks.

An even better resource IMHO is There is a video of every part of the course for AS and A2 maths and they are very thorough.

cressetmama Wed 02-Dec-15 09:56:26

Chopsticks flowers. The college has mymaths but thank you for recommending exam solutions. Have bookmarked it.

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