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Yavneh College

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almostfinished1514 Sat 28-Nov-15 21:55:26

I'm looking at 6th forms for DD and wondering if anyone had any opinions on Yavneh?
Yavneh seems to do quite well at A level for a state school (Top non-selective).
DD's current school is a similar size to Yavneh so that wouldn't be a change.... but their Year 12 + 13 seemed to vary with the number of pupils (I asked a pupil).

Lomaamina Wed 02-Dec-15 19:45:16

Of course I can only speak from our experience and from my DC's friends. We have a very positive experience of the sixth form at Yavneh. It is well resourced, though there has been some turnover of specialist teachers, such as economics, or physics, but I think that's to be expected. The UCAS entry support is second to none. The results speak for themselves, I believe. Pastoral support is also very good. The school is very ambitious for its pupils and if I had one criticism it would be the way it pushes Russel Group universities as the gold standard, overlooking the large number of good universities that aren't in the group,

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