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MFL @ Richmond Schools - StRR/Orleans/Tedders/GC/Waldegrave?

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homemadepizza Sat 28-Nov-15 19:47:28

Hi - looking at secondaries for 2017 and have strong interest in MFL offering. The school websites are telling me what languages are done across the school but its more difficult to see whether there's a choice, whether you can do 2 MFL Languages at once, and if you do then whether that's extra-curricular or in place of another curricular subject, or whether the MFL time is split between the two subjects so you end up doing them in less depth.

For example St RR say they do French and Spanish in Year 8 and 9 but their curriculum statement only shows 3 periods of French, so does that make Spanish an additional after school club? Or do they get a choice of French or Spanish in Year 8? Or just do 1.5 periods of each? confused Full details needed for this school and also for the others.

And do any of the local schools do Mandarin? I heard The Kingston Academy was offering it but can't see it on their website.

homemadepizza Sat 28-Nov-15 23:30:39

Ok, so I've worked some of this out for myself now from more website trawling, but could still do with some confirmation/input/insights ....

Y7 French
Y8 French / Spanish - not clear how its split or if able linguists can do 2

Y7 French
Y8 French / German - not clear how its split or if everyone does both
Y9 Fr / Ger / Span - not clear how its split or if able linguists can do 2

Y7-Y9 - One of French / Spanish / German - not clear how its split or if able linguists can do 2

Y7 French
Y8 French / German - not clear how its split or if everyone does both

Grey Court:
Y7 French or option of Mandarin for Level 5+
Y8 French and either Spanish or Mandarin. Sounds like everyone does 2.

mary21 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:08:43

Orleans year french. Most have done it already at primary. Year 8 all do french and German. Native speakers of any mfl offered early gcse. Year 9 pick options can do 2 mfl languages. Triple science doesn't take an option like at many schools but doing 2 languages might squeeze out a humanity or something like business. They can choose 4 things in total + English maths science re. Bear in mind this is current KS4 it will probibly change with new exams etc. There are a whole load of new subjects they can choose from as part of the options in year 9/10. Spanish is one of these

mary21 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:11:50

Should read year 7 french. Don't forget you don't really get much choice of school unless you have a catholic girl and live in central twickenham. For most if you could get teddington you won't get Orleans etc.

MrsUltra Sun 29-Nov-15 15:40:18

As others have said, you won't have a choice of school unless you are catholic. I have taught in all those schools (supply teacher) and given a free choice, for a girl would go for Waldegrave, followed by Grey Court, followed by StRR, followed by Orleans. (Teddington only if none of the above).
And forget Mandarin - it is a gimmick - would be crazy to opt for a school simply because they offer the latest fad.

TeddTess Sun 29-Nov-15 16:02:59

able linguists don't do 2 in yr7 at waldegrave. just one MFL depending on the form you're in.

homemadepizzar Mon 30-Nov-15 08:50:52

Thanks all. TeddTess can they do 2 languages in year 8 at Waldegrave, or do they just stick with 1 all the way through?

slicedfinger Mon 30-Nov-15 08:55:28

They can only do two at Waldegrave if one is done as a twilight subject and I think (not 100%) that that is only in y10, and possibly only Spanish as a second.

slicedfinger Mon 30-Nov-15 08:56:33

To explain we've not been offered it in Y7, Y8 or Y9, but do know someone doing it in Y10.

MrsUltra Mon 30-Nov-15 09:31:07

This time last year there was a massive upheaval in the MFL dept at Teddington with German classes left without a teacher for several weeks and had to cover with non-German speaking teachers and TAs basically with even exam classes just doing (and re-doing) worksheets/making posters. may be all now fixed, but I would steer clear if you have a choice.

homemadepizzar Mon 30-Nov-15 09:56:13

Interesting MrsUltra. I guess the MFL teacher shortage can strike anywhere. Orleans are advertising for a deputy head of department who is a German specialist now, for January, so they may also be one short if they don't recruit. They do have an MFL specialism though, so perhaps they'll be an attractive choice for in-demand MFL teachers.

Anyone know how SRR are structuring their Spanish offering in Year 8? Is it for everyone or do they need to choose between French/Spanish. They also do Latin - only one session a week, but wouldn't have thought they could sustain that and do French & Spanish too, so maybe it's a choice between Latin and Spanish. Not clear from the website.

Oinkyoinky Mon 30-Nov-15 11:47:29

At Teddington everyone takes just French in Year 7, and French & German in Year 8. They then choose whether to take French, German or both in Year 9. If they chose both in Year 9, they only fit into 1 timetable slot, so the child needs to be strong at languages. Taking both in Year 9 does not mean that they have take take either or both at GCSE. I wouldn't reject Teddington based on issues last year - imo languages has been great for my dc.

slicedfinger Tue 01-Dec-15 22:11:14

DD has just told me that they were offered two languages in their options at W. The school said they would help anyone with proven ability to catch up with the second language. I have no recollection of that, but in fairness her timetable was already full. blush

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