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de stafford and oxted county schools

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elbuortgib Sat 28-Nov-15 19:25:45

How do these 2 school compare?

LIZS Sat 28-Nov-15 19:34:34

Academically I think Oxted is probably the better regarded and iirc de Stafford doesn't have a 6th form. Oxted is due to become an academy.

merlottime Sat 28-Nov-15 20:56:40

De Stafford has just had a good Ofsted and has improved, but if you genuinely are likely to stand a chance on distance of getting into Oxted I think it is a no-brainier. People I know in Caterham also try for Warlingham, but again it really depends on where you live and distance cut offs.

CarlaJones Tue 01-Dec-15 09:23:47

I put Oxted higher on the preference form. It's bigger, so has more subject options. Spanish was the only foreign language offered at De Stafford for example. Oxted offered Latin among others. Oxted is easily accessible by train if you are on the trainline. It has a sixth form. Historically it is more well regarded, although Oxted did go through a dodgy patch for a bit. I liked the head at de Stafford and the girl who showed us around who was a prefect was witty and fab. It is on the up i think, but Oxted would be my choice of the two.

CarlaJones Tue 01-Dec-15 09:27:16

I love Oxted itself too and its right in the centre of it, so that would sway me.

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