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Good 6th forms in London

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almostfinished1514 Sat 28-Nov-15 17:58:42

DD's expecting her results from NLCS this week about whether she got in or not, but she felt her interview didn't go so well and is trying to hurry me into applying to other schools for her.
I know most independent schools have already had their entrance exams, but I know of a few (such as St Helen's) who also have a January exam.
Does anyone know of any more of these? (with exception to Habs)
Also any good selective schools or non selective schools?
We live in North West London, so anywhere that would take around an hour or less.....
Also, she wouldn't mind a religious school and we're Jewish so any good Jewish schools that people recommend?

MrsUltra Sat 28-Nov-15 18:40:02

JFS is great! I am a supply teacher so work in lots of schools, and have been seriously impressed with the school. Really lovely kids, and fab teaching - impressive results. Would happily send my DC there, but we are not Jewish...

almostfinished1514 Sat 28-Nov-15 21:51:00

JFS seems scary!
Do you know how many pupils there are in year 12 and 13?
DD's school is half the size - she likes going unnoticed, but JFS is so big! I'd be scared for her!
Lovely pupils.... what about the incident this summer? (I'm not generalising - I know many nice and sensible pupils there, but still... That's slightly scary.
Out of any schools we would consider, JFS probably had the "least good" results - I'm not saying that it doesn't do well. but there are two other Jewish schools that do better and hopefully if we can find, other non-Jewish schools.

AgonyBeetle Sat 28-Nov-15 23:41:45

Woodhouse College in Barnet is very good.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 28-Nov-15 23:56:10

Clement Danes? Good sixth form.

horsemadmom Sun 29-Nov-15 09:44:40

Where else did DD sit? Only NLCS? She shouldn't worry too much about her perception that the interview went badly. They will have pushed her very hard (excellent practice for Oxbridge interviews). Just looking for girls who can REALLY think.
If it doesn't work out, Woodhouse or Brampton? They both do very well. I understand your concerns about JFS. Have you tried Channing? SHHS? UCS often takes late applicants. If you are looking for a state option, what about Camden?

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 10:27:19

Horsemadmom - she also took the exam for SPGS and Habs - neither of which she was successful.
I should have probably specified we'd be looking for a full bursary (which, should she get a place, we would get) - Brampton college is LITERALLY down the road (a 30 second walk), but only offer up to 60% off the fees.
We looked at Channing and felt it was more of a school for girls whose parents have money rather than that they are clever - Not our impression of the girls, but more of the school. DD said as soon as she left the building, "I don't want to go there".
Is it worth asking the schools about late applications?
and LaurieFairyCake - DD's current school does better than Clement Danes and so I'd prefer to keep DD at her current school.
I'll look at Camden, I think one of DD's friends is applying there.
Thanks everyone!

Tomatoesareyum Sun 29-Nov-15 10:30:10

I understand your concerns about JFS but i seriously don't think it would happen again and swift action was taken with the culprits havjng to take their exams elsewhere. Their leavers destinations are seriously impressive for a state school, 12 to Oxbtidge last year and 16 the year before plus almost all leavers to Russell Group universities. Because of the size they offer a massive range of subjects and their uni prep is a well oiled machine.

Don't know much about JCOSS other than it is meant to be good but Yavneh's 6th form is great academically and the children are academic and serious about their studies but they don't run a huge number of courses. Their modern languages, art and drama are limited at A level, they concentrate on courses where they have demand and their science is outstanding. Leavers destinations are also excellent, something like 80% to Russell group unis but I think their Oxbridge prep is still in its infancy, they had 3 to Cambridge last year plus a few to medicine. I expect that will grow as the 6th form becomes more established and they will do everything they can to maintain their position at the top of the league tables.

horsemadmom Sun 29-Nov-15 10:32:26

Have you looked at HB?

horsemadmom Sun 29-Nov-15 10:33:31

If your DD is humanities oriented, HB might just snap her up. The commute from Hendon isn't too bad.

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 13:26:54

Tomatoesareyum - (I love your username), DD wants to do Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths so Yavneh wouldn't be a problem. And she's decided she doesn't want to go to Oxbridge..... so we'll see.....
The only thing I don't like about Yavneh is their head. The old Head was apparently very good and loved - this one, well.... It also feels like he's trying to make the school more religious.... if people wanted a more religious school, their kids would go to a more religious school.
horsemadmom - She'll probably end up applying to HB if she doesn't get into NLCS but I don't know what her chances will be like against candidates with 12A*S predicted.... she does extra-curricular, but apart from that she's just a normal kid in top sets.... Also, I've heard rumors that the 6th form teaching isn't great and there's a lot of independent study. DD is fine with independent study, but someone needs to be forcing her to do that and I don't get the impression that that would happen...
I'll ring round some of the Independent schools some time this week and see what they say.... I'll probably wait till we hear her NLCS results though.

Ladymuck Sun 29-Nov-15 14:41:22

"I should have probably specified we'd be looking for a full bursary (which, should she get a place, we would get)"

None of these schools are needs-blind, and certainly they can't offer bursaries to every child who gains a place. The competition for bursaries is essentially a separate one from those trying for full-fees places, and will be just as competitive as for HB I would expect. Worth letting your dd know, so that she isn't disheartened, but I'm afraid it doesn't equate with the level she would need to be to get a place.

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 15:38:07

Ladymuck - I know, I was just pointing out that she wouldn't be able to go to Brampton College which only offers up to 60%. I meant that if they'd offer her a place somewhere, my financial situation would mean that she would be eligible for an 100% bursary.
We'll see this week with NLCS if she gets a place and if she does get in and if she does, how much of a bursary she gets.
She knows she probably won't - that's why we're applying to other schools -including state schools.

Tomatoesareyum Sun 29-Nov-15 16:48:00

I like the head and really didn't like the previous head. The religious side isn't an issue especially in 6th form and they teach very much from a philosophical side with no brainwashing intone coming more religious, even the really secular kids find it interesting and they do cover other religions. having recently sat in, unannounced (am a teacher) on a top set year 11 triple science lesson I was totally blown away I genuinely don't think it would have been bettered in any of the independent schools mentioned.

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 17:05:11

Tomatoesareyum - Do you know how many "Jewish" lessons the have a week?
I'm going to guess you aren't a science teacher?

With the independent schools, we felt that the classes would be smaller which DD would find helpful. Also, at Yavneh they aren't offering some subjects like drama and Spanish, and although DD wouldn't have taken either - we felt like the school wanted to make sure everything was "economically worthwhile" whereas at some of the independent schools, i.e. NLCS, there might only be one pupil taking a subject but they'd still do it - I guess that's what happens in state schools...
DD has friends at all the Jewish schools so we might ask them as well.

Tomatoesareyum Sun 29-Nov-15 17:14:50

You are absolutely right, they are reluctant to run classes which aren't economically viable, that's definitely a weakness of the school and children who lean more to the languages and art probably will look to move but that's one of the differences between a state and private school I guess! I think the A level classes are pretty small and it's not a massive sixth form, it's only about 120 a year. I'm not sure what Jewish studies the 6th form have to do but I think it's minimal. They run lots of the lunchtime clubs for KS3 which I was impressed with and there's a very strong emphasis on young enterprise / volunteering and giving back to the community.

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 17:19:53

In most schools A level classes are much smaller, but for example, in NLCS, if she got in, it is completely possible that she could be in a class of 1 or 2 where as at state schools, that probably wouldn't happen.
If you know, what type of lunch time clubs?

Wiifitmama Sun 29-Nov-15 17:19:53

If she is interested in maths, further maths and physics, and has high predicted grades, then have you looked at Kings Math School? A specialist state 6th form - highly highly selective - that only offers those subjects. We went their open evening recently as my son is interested and it was really amazing. Funded by Kings College in startup but now state funded so free to attend. Really really tough to get in, but small class sizes and very interesting approach.

Debbriana1 Sun 29-Nov-15 17:20:15

Camden school for girls is a good one.

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 17:39:08

Wiifitmama - she wants to apply there, but she's desperate to do Chemistry and KMS doesn't offer chemistry.
Do you know how many applicants there were for KMS last year and hoiw many they accept?

Needmoresleep Sun 29-Nov-15 18:15:06

Harris Westmnster. It has a science specialism.

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 18:35:34

Needmoresleep - Harris Westminster has Saturday school - right?

horsemadmom Sun 29-Nov-15 19:50:50

Yeah. That would be a deal breaker.
Fingers crossed for you at NLCS. DD1 has one of her subjects entirely on her own. She absolutely loves the individual teaching. STEM subjects are very popular so she'll find herself with 8-10 in the class.
Good luck!

almostfinished1514 Sun 29-Nov-15 19:53:22

It is the deal breaker.... I could probably ring them up and ask if DD would HAVE to attend on Saturdays if she went.... but they'd probably say she would have to - she'd be missing vital lessons....
Which subject does your D have on her own?

Wiifitmama Sun 29-Nov-15 19:57:46

There were hundreds of applicants for only 60 places. And my understanding was that they did not fill the 60 from the hundreds as the calibre was not high enough and they reopened applications for a second round. very hard to get into but such an amazing place! My son wants to apply next year.

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